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Morning Round-Up: Wednesday 23 January

Lindsay Lohan’s new lawyer is sponsored by ‘foodie socialite’ to allow him to represent her in court [Mail Online] David Cameron speech: UK and the EU [BBC News] Should you brag about your law school grades on Facebook? [Above the Law] Convicted criminals and undeclared bankrupts were among the people nominated by law firms to… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Monday 21 January

Threat to the courts system as barristers google jurors then alter speeches to win sympathy [The Times (£)] Barristers google jurors to find out their likes, jobs and interests then tailor courtroom speeches to help win trials [Mail Online] Business leaders have grown ‘diversity weary’ [Law Society Gazette] Judge reminisces about his Cambridge days in… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Friday 18 January

A lawyer’s amazingly detailed analysis of Bilbo’s contract in The Hobbit [Wired] Former Leeds University law student to defend Bo Xilai in court [The Telegraph] Girlfriend of Reddit co-founder who hanged himself says US legal system mercilessly hounded him to his death [Mail Online] War on judicial review (sort of) [UK Human Rights Blog] Circuits… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Thursday 17 January

In defence of the existing law on social media [UK Criminal Law Blog] High street firms in ‘increasingly precarious’ position [Solicitors Journal] International Criminal Court snowman [Mark Kersten on Twitter] Solicitor finally paid for Chinese vase after long legal battle… but only gets half of the £50m it went for at auction [Mail Online] Betfair… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Wednesday 16 January

When I get that feeling, I want sexual billing [Above the Law] Judges’ respect for the crucifix is paper-thin [Mail Online] Religious freedom: Strasbourg’s balancing act [The Guardian] Profile: barrister-turned-film director Ben Lewin on his latest film, The Sessions [The List] What Facebook’s new graph search means for your privacy [Mashable] Nominations open for Student… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Monday 14 January

Allen & Overy chief backs apprenticeships  “so long as standards are upheld” [The Independent] Drop out fails in bid to auction his name on eBay – despite dropping price [Thomson Reuters] January Blues [Jamie Anderson on Twitter] From law firm managing partner to organising activity tours in southern Tuscany [Manchester Evening News] Solicitors ‘ran immigration scam… Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

Law student pleads guilty to exotic bird’s beheading death at Vegas casino [Mail Online] “No counsel knowing anything about this area of the law could put forward such an argument” [Bailii via Adam Wagner] Rabid lawyers reap terror (see comments) on hapless underpaid journalists [UK Human Rights Blog] Christian lawyer found guilty of using her… Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

Female solicitor told not to have a relationship or babies by boss, tribunal hears [The Telegraph] …Law firm boss ‘also used her as an attractive distraction for clients at meetings’ [Mail Online] Delhi rape victims are to blame, defendants’ lawyer says [Bloomberg] Meanwhile over in Court 6, Reading Crown Court [Guido Fawkes] A moral assessment… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Wednesday 9 January

Chris Grayling: Using same old probation services to cut reoffending is madness [The Telegraph] Foreign national prisoners lose right to legal aid [The Guardian] WikiLeaks soldier Bradley Manning has his sentence reduced over his treatment in military prison [Mail Online] Matrix leads as Chris Huhne’s partner appeals Daily Mail judgment [The Lawyer] 21 reasons why… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Tuesday 8 January

Barristers ‘among the most dangerous drivers on the road’, study finds [Mail Online] Smug Clifford Chance associate wins holiday [City AM] In response to the news, Lukas Hirst said: “This is outstanding news. I have just returned from two weeks in LA with my son and had forgotten how amazing sunshine and the beach are…. Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

Indian bar must represent Delhi gang rape defendants, says Bar Council [The Lawyer] Revealed: Prince Charles’ incredible legal foresight as he wows government with his succession law insights [Mail Online] In-house lawyer’s campaign against “religious privilege” [The Lawyer] RIP: Herbert Smith [Muskogee Phoenix] Confessions of a troll [The Kernel] Where else can I use my… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Monday 7 January

Linklaters associate who died during triathlon may have suffered the same condition as Bolton Wanderers’ footballer Fabrice Muamba [Mail Online] Jeremy Carter-Manning QC caught up in RSPCA row [The Telegraph] Stress dominates calls to LawCare as charity outlines concerns over alcohol danger [Legal Futures] Thirty Nine Essex Street Chambers launches its Singapore office [PR Newswire]… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Thursday 3 January

Allen and Overy warns of new year Christmas party hangover [Metro] Lawyer, 51, moves back in with his mother to loan house to homeless family for a year [Mail Online] A view from the litigant in person [Law Society Gazette] Philippe Sands and Helena Kennedy: In Defence of Rights [London Review Of Books] Summary of… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Wednesday 2 January

The real-life Legally Blonde: Law student who spent thousands on becoming a living Barbie doll hits back at bullies who called her an airhead by gaining TWO degrees [Mail Online] Allen & Overy’s Wootton leads thin line-up of solicitor honours [Law Society Gazette] The honest truth about being a law student [Legal Lemur] Cyborg law… Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

How to abuse people on Twitter and get away with it [The Guardian] Michael Douglas’s junkie son persuaded lawyer to sneak drugs into prison in her bra [Mail Online] The law behind the “Plebgate” row: What powers do the Downing Street police actually have? [New Statesman] Instagram denies having right to sell users’ photos [BBC… Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

DPP’s interim guidelines for social media prosecutions embargoed til midnight. But Twitter Joke Trial barrister gives hint about their content [John Cooper QC on Twitter] UK Bill of Rights Commission fails to reach consensus [The Guardian] The Bill of Rights Commission report: a modest proposal [UK Human Rights Blog] I am deleting my Instagram account… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Friday 14 December

Law firms suffer worst quarter since 2010 [Financial Times (£)] Doubt over City law firm plan to boost female partner numbers [The Times’ Alex Spence on Twitter] Law student shot on Manhattan street ‘was drug courier executed over missing cash that was confiscated by cops in California’ [Mail Online] Pregnant man trapped in legal limbo… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Thursday 13 December

Broadcasters pushing for cameras in court only want ‘rape, blood and gore’, claims peer [Press Gazette] Lord McAlpine’s solicitor Andrew Reid: “So much of the fun and characters have gone out of the law that I would not encourage a career in the law as a final profession” [The Times (£)] New online barrister portal… Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

Trainee retention rates dip in 2012 as post-recession recovery falters [Legal Week] Judge credits knife-wielding thug for ‘taking care not to inflict life threatening injuries’ on victim he stabbed FIVE times [Mail Online] Facebook is changing its privacy settings again, improving them from horrible to still-mostly-horrible [Forbes – via Danan Margason on Twitter] ‘A sham…… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Wednesday 12 December

Gay marriage row: Ukip plans to derail David Cameron [The Guardian] Why are dead people liking stuff on Facebook? [ReadWrite] Colorado lights up as governor proclaims marijuana legal for recreational purposes [Mail Online] Bradley Manning: pre-trial hearing ends as case goes to military judge [The Guardian] Judge orders anonymisation of a convicted rapist in order… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Tuesday 11 December

‘There are now more lawyers in the country than police officers. Why is that?’ [Mail Online] The judge who thinks graffiti vandals should be proud of their handiwork [The Telegraph] Hugh Tomlinson QC: Royal hoax call could be an ‘offence under UK law’ [The Guardian] Brushing off the barristers [The Asian Lawyer] Opponents of gay… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Monday 10 December

Six fat cat lawyers get £½MILLION each a year legal aid [The Sun] A much-used diversionary tactic: to distract public attention away from this government’s policy of destruction of legal aid [Nothing like The Sun] Today is Human Rights Day [UK Human Rights Blog] Judge suspended after ‘getting a witness pregnant’ – months after sending… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Friday 7 December

High Court judge accused of jumping red light tries to have case thrown out because it is ‘unfair and oppressive’ [Mail Online] Eric Pickles and the looming Tory split over the ECHR [The Spectator] Australian PM (and ex-Slater & Gordon lawyer) Julia Gillard announces the end of the world [YouTube] ‘The Sentencing Council is a… Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

Law student jailed after he attacked fellow undergraduate following row in lecture theatre [The Sentinel] Scary image of Chris Grayling on Xmas card from Leigh Day & Co [Guardian Law via Twitter] Lawyer busted in ex-wife ‘shakedown’ [New York Post] Jailed Iran lawyer ‘ends hunger strike’ [BBC News] Tarantino’s take on the editors’ Leveson breakfast… Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

Judge Peter Bowers reprimanded over ‘burglary takes courage’ remarks [BBC News] Statement from the Office For Judicial Complaints on Judge Bowers [] This hilarious video shows everything that’s annoying about Instagram [Forbes] Lords defeat part of legal aid cuts [The Guardian] Students set to sue Facebook over its privacy policies [Mail Online] One Brick Court’s… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Tuesday 4 December

Google ‘should face libel laws over blogging site’ [Metro] Philadelphia judge ‘hangs himself after separating from his wife’ [Mail Online] Getting tough with litigants in person? [Marilyn Stowe Blog] Lord Leveson understands that legal back-up could improve the quality of journalism in Britain [The Independent] Deloitte survey: growing number of large firms preparing for ABS… Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

“Today’s score on Twitter: @Pontifex 1 – 2 Royal Family. The Vatican easily out-newsed on what was to be their big Twitter news day” [Jack of Kent on Twitter] Linklaters accounts reveal £2.5m payout for 2011-12’s top earner [Legal Week] Chris Grayling vs Ken Clarke [The Independent] Prison saved me: Female City lawyer jailed for… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Thursday 29 November

The future of the legal profession in England and Wales: depressing or inspiring? [Standpoint] Transfer of powers: legal question hangs over University of Law [Times Higher Education] Man jailed for foul-mouthed rant at Leicester Crown Court judge [Leicester Mercury] When it comes to hiring associates, are law firms doing it wrong? [Above the Law] Full… Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

Wannabe lawyers face new embarrassing Twitter archive threat [Mail Online] ‘If I could turn back time’: Leveson understood through the prism of Cher [Fleet Street Fox] The Lawyer’s Leveson breathlessness [The Lawyer] The rise of unorthodox university tuition fee funding methods [The Kernel] Have human rights hijacked the language of morals? [UK Human Rights Blog]… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Tuesday 27 November

Milking: an udderly bizarre student trend [The Guardian] Leveson Inquiry will be shelved or re-assigned if Sir Brian Leveson is appointed Lord Chief Justice [The Independent] It would make a mockery of justice but foreign judges could rule that Britain’s mass murderers have a human right to be set free [Mail Online] Supermarket Sweep: Lawyers… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Monday 26 November

“The newspapers will print nothing but Leveson Leveson Leveson this week” [Adam Wagner via Twitter] …and how it might look [by Tom Webb] List of highest paid vac schemes [Target  Jobs] If Dominic Grieve’s a goner, fellow barrister Cox fits the brief [Mail Online] A barrister becomes the judge of her client’s sanity [The Telegraph]… Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

Part of Whitehall shut due to naked man on statue [BBC News – photo via @johnestevens] “A naked man balancing precariously on a ceremonial statue in Whitehall in the cold November air. Rather sums up the British constitution.” [David Allen Green via Twitter] Bogus millionaire jailed after swindling thousands from solicitor’s wife by claiming he was… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Friday 23 November

German lawyer claims 38DD girlfriend tried to smother him to death with her breasts [Mail Online] First openly gay court of appeal judge appointed in California [Pink News] Chris Grayling: ‘Ban legal aid for vote lags’ [The Sun] Northumbria Uni law student left with a three-inch crack to his skull after bar brawl [Hartlepool Mail]… Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

Full CPS charging statement for Andy Coulson, Rebecca Brooks and Clive Goodman [CPS Blog] Pyramid libel [David Banks on Twitter] Female anti-gay Christian lawyer ‘abducted teenage girl to Canada and forced her to have sex on camera’ [Mail Online] Danny Nightingale: the Attorney’s right, Hammond was wrong [Head of Legal] Oxford college pays tribute to… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Tuesday 20 November

Clarke’s secret courts belong in a repressive regime and undemocratic society warn lawyers [Mail Online] Sally Bercow in legal hot water AGAIN after she breaches court order by naming schoolgirl in a child abduction case [The Independent] David Petraeus hires top lawyer as his lover goes home [Evening Standard] UK Tour Report #10: Professor de… Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

‘You’ve missed your vocation as a lawyer': Factory cleaner praised by coroner for taking on two barristers during inquest into her brother-in-law’s death in police custody [Mail Online] A war on Judicial Review? [UK Human Rights Blog] Friends reunite at Twitter [The Lawyer] Lord McAlpine just saved the internet [The Kernel] Revealed: White House lawyer… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Monday 19 November

Judicial review ‘industry’ to be cut as right to challenge public bodies’ decisions curtailed, says PM [The Independent] John Cooper QC on the problems facing the Bar in 2012 and beyond [Charon QC] Liberal Democrat barrister wins PCC election … by standing as an independent [The Guardian] What you can and can’t say on social… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Wednesday 14 November

Baker & McKenzie, Hogan Lovells and Reed Smith among the “50 best law firms for women” [Above the Law] “The Commission has adopted my proposal for a European law so that women represent 40% of company board members by 2020″ [EU Justice commissioner Viviane Reding via Twitter] Woman ‘denied a termination’ dies in hospital [The… Read more »