Pupillage Portal

Bar Council’s ‘Modern’ Replacement For Pupillage Portal Isn’t Looking So Modern…

When you set your standards as low as Pupillage Portal (the recently-retired pupillage application website), it doesn’t take much to come up with an improvement. Sadly, this seems to be the philosophy guiding the development of its replacement, Pupillage Gateway. OK, it’s not quite that bad. But it’s bad… Hopefully the highly unimpressive-looking – and error… Read more »

Didn’t Get a Pupillage? Well, There’s Always Origami

Hope is gradually fading for this year’s batch of BPTC graduates without pupillages as the end of the window for barristers’ chambers to make job offers approaches. Anybody sans pupillage offer by 2pm tomorrow is going to have to wait until the Pupillage Portal application system re-opens next year. In the meantime, it’s possible to… Read more »

Finally, The Inns Of Court Are Occupied!

During the past year the light at the end of the tunnel grew so dim on occasions that I could barely make out its glow. There were times when I considered abandoning my quest altogether and settling for a life in another field, writes BPTC graduate OccupyTheInns. At other junctures, I thought about plotting different… Read more »

If Pupillage Portal Doesn’t Work Then It’s The New York Bar

OccupyTheInns ponders the merits of a high risk, yet potentially high reward, plan B This week I have turned once more to the business of pupillage application as Pupillage Portal opened for its Spring season. There again were the familiar questions: “Why do you wish to become a barrister?”, “What areas of practice are you… Read more »


Follow @pondcat First, the bar’s awful ‘Pupillage Portal’; now the solicitors’ regulator has run into criticism for its handling of students’ online registrations. Cat Pond investigates A key obligation of the wannabe solicitor is the requirement that they register with the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority (SRA). Strict deadlines are enforced and the nervous Legal Practice Course… Read more »