Royal Charter Spurs Awed CILEX Lawyers To Remove Shoes: EXCLUSIVE PICS

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The Royal Charter conferred recently upon law’s plucky underdogs, legal executives, carries great power, elevating them in status to the hallowed ground occupied by esteemed chartered professionals like accountants.

Imagine, then, an opportunity to glimpse the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives’ (CILEX) Royal Charter itself – a dream that a select group of elite figures from the world of law, led by me, RoundMyKitchenTable podcast host Kevin Poulter and Supreme Court President Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers, were fortunate enough to see come true last night.

Needless to say, guests at the event, held at the prestigious Wallace Collection in central London, were encouraged to make adjustments so as to properly honour the Charter. CILEX chief executive Diane Burleigh (pictured left) led by example with the removal of her shoes.

Other attendees quickly followed…

Positioned proudly, yet oh so precariously, in the centre of the room, the Charter radiated with a fragile beauty, its regal glow conferring upon those within its sphere previously unseen levels of gravitas – as seen below:

Frances Edwards, CILEX council member for Wales, Kevin Poulter and Alex Aldridge


Nick Hanning

Dear Sirs

I am appalled at the shocking lack of respect being shown to the awe-inspiring object of beauty that is the CILEx Charter.

Not only is Mr Aldridge not wearing a tie in its presence but that looks suspiciously like champagne being balanced perilously near the esteeemed Seal.

Oh, and may I have my shoes back please?


Vicky Loughnane

Thanks Alex for a lovely piece and for coming along and sharing CILEx’s success last night


Frances Edwards

Thank you Kevin and Alex. A great photo of us and a great success story.


Melanie Smith

If only I had noticed you could remove your shoes – as we got lost my feet were killing me !


Alan Kershaw

I attended this splendid event as Chair of IPS Ltd – the regulatory body for Chartered Legal Executives – and I can confirm that, yes, they certainly need regulating!


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