Made in Chelsea: Millie’s Boyfriend Reveals Barrister Dream As Monday Excitement Builds For Times Law Prof Gary Slapper

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By Alex Aldridge on

I’ve written previously of my love for E4’s Made in Chelsea. But it seems that what I feel for the show is eclipsed by the passion it arouses in law professor Gary Slapper, who writes the weekly ‘Weird Cases’ column for The Times (£).

Here’s a small extract from the most recent of Slapper’s now customary Monday night Made in Chelsea tweetathons (as you can see below, Professor Slapper is especially interested in exploring the complex relationship between aesthetics and class in the show).

Meanwhile, in other law-related Made in Chelsea news, Millie’s boyfriend, the rapper Professor Green, has laid bare his former ambitions to become a barrister.

“I did really well academically and had massive potential, but never saw it through,” Green (pictured left) told GetReading last week, modestly. He added: “When I was smaller I grew up telling myself I wanted to be either something like a lawyer or barrister. I don’t know why I never realised my potential, but I have definitely found something better to do.”

If the rap career takes a drive at any stage, doubtless Slapper will be on hand to offer the East London star advice – and fashion tips. Perhaps the dad of Millie’s ex Hugo, Tim “Barefoot Photoshoot” Taylor QC (pictured below), could even help Professor Green out with some work experience at his firm, SJ Berwin?