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This week’s #RoundMyKitchenTable podcast guest, City University’s Emily Allbon (pictured), is one of the pioneers of legal blogging, having started the excellent Lawbore site way back in the dial-up internet days of 2002.

Since then, Allbon has seen many legal blogs fall by the wayside, and a fairly recent new wave of really good bloggers emerge – like David Allen Green, Adam Wagner (editor of the UK Human Rights Blog), Amanda Bancroft (Beneath the Wig) and Lucy Reed (Pink Tape), amongst others.

Lawbore, meanwhile, has gone from strength to strength to maintain its position as the online law student resource, despite competition from various other well-resourced law schools.

The secret to Allbon’s success? And her predictions for the future of legal blogging? It’s all on the podcast…

The podcast is also available on iTunes.


Leicester Solicitors

Good blog, not sure about the name.


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Shibley (@legalaware)

Emily’s mobile ringtone is awesome! Emily‘s blog is extremely good, Emily has always been very supportive of my work, and besides she is very nice in real life.

Really nice podcast. It was nice to have listen to a down-to-earth discussion of legal blogging for once which was not consumed by megalomaniac tendencies. I agree Adam‘s blog (the UK Human Rights blog) is extremely good – @AdamWagner1 also personally is very supportive of others on Twitter, and talks with people rather than talking at people. I also like the way that Adam and his colleagues are able to explain the very complicated nature of human rights law in a very accessible manner.

Just a quick word of self-defence rather than megalomaniac tendencies, I hope. I write the Legal Aware blog with Zerbakht at BPP Law School Holborn – we’re both full-time law students on the Legal Practice Course (a very busy course!), and both form part of the committee of the BPP Legal Awareness Society. I think we do well to produce about 10 posts per fortnight roughly (as well as 14 original videos on corporate law on our specialty pages). The link to the Legal Aware blog is here, with a strong emphasis on corporate law and social justice. Through our blog, we try to emphasise the importance of regulation in the context of society (for example two recent posts have been on property rights in blood, and the attribution of credit and blame to CEOs). We were even delighted to publish a guest post on fraud by Prof David Rosen, Head of Litigation at Darlingtons and Visiting Chair of Law at Brunel. Reassuringly, we have a lot of readers of our blog who are not lawyers or law students, though the blog is well read by law firms, lawyers (including QCs), and law students.

We will also be going a massive recruitment drive amongst new students at BPP, as we’re one of the biggest student societies at BPP.


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