Criminal Bar Association Takes Swipe At ‘Dickhead’ Law Student

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By Alex Aldridge on

On Easter Sunday, anonymous Twitter sensation @LawVicissitudes tweeted this cheekily blasphemous gag:

It was generally very well-received, getting 101 retweets and 33 favourites. But the Criminal Bar Association wasn’t so keen, deducing from the tweet’s failure to acknowledge the growing financial hardship of its members that @LawVicissitudes is “NOT a law student after all”…


After others had suggested that @LawVicissitudes was indeed probably a law student, the Criminal Bar Association then changed tack in a rather surprising manner:

Guess we’ll find out on Thursday when we meet @LawVicissitudes in person for a special Legal Cheek podcast…

Update 11.10am: The Criminal Bar Association would like it to be made clear that its “dickhead” tweet was issued specifically in response to these two tweets (see here and here), which suggest, broadly, that many law students are unaware of the realities of practising as a lawyer.