The Texas Law Hawk is back — and more bizarre than ever

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By Thomas Connelly on

Mini motorbikes, a little police officer and of course those famous talons of justice


US lawyer Bryan Wilson, aka the Law Hawk, has released a third instalment to his YouTube-led self-promotion campaign — and it’s possibly his craziest to date.

For those unfamiliar with the young lawyer, he shot to fame late last year for his unique take on how to market his legal services.

From yelling “talons of justice” at the camera to catching fish with his bare hands, Wilson’s two adverts so far have left those at Legal Cheek HQ baffled and amazed in equal measure.

The Texas-based criminal defence lawyer — who prides himself on providing “aggressive legal representation” — released his latest YouTube offering earlier this week. However, uninitiated viewers be warned: it’s extremely strange.

The advert opens with Wilson straddling a mini-motorbike with a US flag mounted to the back. The young lawyer addresses the camera saying, “due process, do wheelies”, before attempting the one-wheeled stunt.

Law Hawk

Having paused briefly to offer some useful facts concerning the drink-driving laws in the state of Texas, the advert then quickly descends into madness once again.

The Law Hawk can be seen bursting through a window on his mini-moto to defend a client who calls him on his special “hawk-phone”.

Law Hawk

Wilson then smashes a breathalyser machine, revealing a dwarf police officer inside, who appears to be manipulating the readings.

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Legal Cheek isn’t sure how Wilson will top this latest advert, but don’t bet against the hawk-obsessed attorney having a go.

Watch the advert in full: