Texas Law Hawk part IV: Baseball, bikinis and even bigger explosions

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By Christianah Omobosola Babajide on

US lawyer back at it again with another bizarre advert


US lawyer Bryan Wilson, aka the Law Hawk, returns to our computer screens with his fourth crazy commercial.

For those unfamiliar with the criminal defence attorney, Wilson shot to fame back in 2014 when his explosive videos made him a YouTube sensation. His aggressive advocacy tactics in law school earned him the now famous nickname: ‘the Law Hawk’.

Posting his latest advert online last week, Wilson’s adrenalin fueled marketing clip has already clocked up over 100,000 views.

Addressing whether you can legally refuse a sobriety test in Texas, the young lawyer has created his wildest and most dangerous commercial yet. However viewer discretion is advised.

The advert opens with a sleeping Wilson followed by an explosion and the now famous line: “Bryan Wilson — the Texas Law Hawk.”


The young lawyer’s fight against injustice is portrayed in a baseball game with two Texas cops.


Having paused briefly to scream his nickname at the camera — as if we could forget it — the wacky commercial unfolds into Wilson’s theme of “aggressive legal representation”, something we’ve seen in his three previous videos.

When three girls bikini clad girls and their male companion are faced with a daunting sobriety test, the group are quick to call on the services of the Law Hawk.


Wilson can be seen racing to the rescue on his speeding jet ski to defend a client who calls him on his special dedicated line, the ‘hawk-phone’.


To show he’s saved the day, Wilson throws a huge anchor at the two policemen, all the while yelling, “anchor of justice”. After all, what client wouldn’t want his ‘talons of justice’ on their side?


Bryan’s comical videos have left Legal Cheek HQ wondering if his self-promotional videos actually bring in the clients. Who knows? One thing’s for sure — they do show that lawyers can have a sense of humour.

Watch the video in full below: