CrowdJustice: Mum of Brit who tried to kill Donald Trump sets up crowdfunding page to have him returned to the UK

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She’s raised over £20,000


The mum of Michael Sandford, who allegedly tried to kill Donald Trump, has set up a crowdfunding page to have him released from his American prison and sent back to the United Kingdom.

20-year-old Sandford hit the headlines earlier this summer when he was arrested in Las Vegas for trying to grab a policeman’s gun at a Republican rally, supposedly in an attempt to assassinate Trump.

According to the official criminal complaint, Sandford told authorities he’d been planning to kill the controversial presidential hopeful for over a year, but chose this date because “he finally felt confident about trying it”.

The Brit has been charged with disrupting an official function and two firearm offences, and is facing a 30 year prison stint if found guilty — something his mum, Lynne, is struggling to come to terms with.

Lynne has turned to CrowdJustice, a website set up by former Linklaters lawyer Julia Salasky, in a bid to bring her son home.


In her emotive plea for donations, Lynne says her son is autistic and has also been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and severe depression. When he was 14-years-old, he was sectioned under the Mental Health Act after a failed suicide attempt.

Her son, she says, is currently on suicide watch over in America, and has been handcuffed and shackled.

She continues:

I am not asking for my son to escape punishment for what he attempted to do. But because of his severe mental health problems, his family, who love him very much, want him returned to the UK.  We want him to serve his sentence in a safe institution for vulnerable people, where he can receive appropriate help and be closer to his family.

Lynne’s big fear, she told ITV this morning, is that her son will die in prison, so she’s desperate to raise £25,000 in order for him to be transferred back to the UK to either the mental health or prison system.

The distraught mother is being advised by Saimo Chahal QC, partner at Bindmans, with whom she attended a press conference at the firm this morning. At the time of writing, Lynne is about £5,000 away from reaching her goal.

Salasky, the woman behind the CrowdJustice movement, has urged people to donate generously to the cause. She told us:

This is an enormous opportunity for people to come together to support Lynne Sandford and her family, and to leverage the power of community to help them get the best legal representation possible in a time when she — and her son — need it most.



Unfortunately the Law will probably not help her. Politics may however.



Dorking is full of nutters.



I’ve read her story about her son Michael in the Guardian recently – utterly heartrending. Poor lady had been through a lot with him, I hope the US agree to send him back home to do his jail time locally.

He won’t survive long in the barbaric US for-profit penal system.



I wonder how the US prison population feels about Trump?



If the mother really cared for him she would not have allowed him to run off to America, become homeless, and try to assassinate a presidential candidate.



Well that’s absolute bull, he went without her knowing and as a result of living in his car in America there was no trace of him. You arrogant twit, this woman obviously deeply cares about her son.



I would fear a lot if you were my defense brief…


Lord Lyle of Homicidal Nutterz

Her legal argument is “My son is a nutter and life threatening to the public …so please give me money to help him”.


Next case please?



the milk of human kindness….



Shameful comment especially if you are in law



Sloppy reporting for a legal blog…”Alleged’ is the correct term..innocent till proven guilty and all that??



Woodward and Bernstein need to keep an eye on this crowdfunding account.



Perhaps people who don’t want to go to jail in foreign countries shouldn’t commit crimes in them. The US court system (which is a generally fair one by international standards) will decide if he actually is insane, and if he’s not, the law will take its course. Being British doesn’t give you a pass.


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