Kim Kardashian reveals law school hopes

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By Alex Aldridge on

News comes after reports she asked Amal Clooney for mini-pupillage at Doughty Street Chambers


Kim Kardashian West has gone public with her dream to become a lawyer.

The reality TV star, who last year reportedly asked Amal Clooney to help line her up work experience, tells the new issue of Wonderland Magazine:

If things slow down and I had time, I really want to go to law school — just something I can do in my older age.

The move would see Kardashian follow in the footsteps of her attorney dad, Robert Kardashian, who famously represented OJ Simpson.

But there is a hitch. Kardashian has never been to university. And, unlike in the UK where non-graduates can become lawyers via the legal apprentice route, in the US a degree is required before you can enter law school.

That would leave qualification on these shores as Kardashian’s quickest route to her lawyer dream. This may explain why she was apparently so keen for fellow celeb Amal Clooney to help her bag a mini-pupillage at London human rights set Doughty Street.

At the time, it was claimed that Clooney had been “dodging” Kardashian’s requests. And a year on, with Doughty Street’s mini-pupillage system still closed, it would seem that Kardashian would have to look elsewhere to get that first taste of life in the legal profession.

Applications for vac schemes at City law firms open on 1 October, Kim.