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Kim K puts lawyer dream ‘on pause’

Focusing on businesses

Feb 26 2024 12:02pm

Kim K admits she is struggling with constitutional law

Voicing the pain of law students everywhere

May 17 2023 10:54am

‘I f****** hate Constitutional Law’, says Kim Kardashian

Shares study update on Insta

Mar 2 2023 11:07am

Kim Kardashian gives fans law school update

'New subjects Let's Go!'

Feb 20 2023 11:07am

Kim Kardashian essay to be model answer for future law students

The social media superstar’s written efforts receive a 'nearly perfect score'

Apr 12 2022 9:56am

Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend Pete Davidson has a ‘my girl is a lawyer’ tattoo

Could this spark a trend among law student spouses?

Mar 17 2022 11:00am

Kim Kardashian passes law exams

Social media icon completes California 'baby bar' on fourth attempt -- and with Covid!

Dec 13 2021 2:43pm

Kim Kardashian reveals she failed first year law exam — again

Reality TV star scored 463, down from a previous score of 474

Jun 14 2021 1:22pm

Kim Kardashian reveals she did not pass first year law exam

World-famous law student scored 474 on her first try but needed 560

May 27 2021 12:04pm

Bikini-clad Kim Kardashian sunbathes whilst studying law

'What law school is this??? Asking for a friend'

Apr 23 2021 12:39pm

Tequila and torts! Law student Kim Kardashian downs shots in late night study sesh with lawyer mentors

'Cocktails and contracts' and 'crunk and crim' could be on the cards

Oct 2 2020 11:01am

Kim Kardashian opts to study criminal law over sleep

Queen bee of reality TV updates followers on legal exploits

Sep 23 2020 9:09am

Kim Kardashian tackles tort law with Tiger King themed question

Carole Baskin is one of the options

Apr 16 2020 10:44am

Law student Kim Kardashian given special Kim Kardashian-themed revision questions

Ths perks of being rich and famous ??‍♀️

Feb 5 2020 10:17am

Kim Kardashian recreates Elle Woods’ iconic Harvard Law School admission video essay

World’s most famous law student wins Halloween with Legally Blonde tribute

Oct 31 2019 9:10pm

Kim Kardashian gives BARBRI contract law lecturer Instagram shout-out

Thumbs up from first-year law student ??

Oct 17 2019 11:04am