Legal Cheek talks… an insider’s view on what went down at the Supreme Court this week

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Pannick’s advocacy masterclass, Sumption’s ties and the Supreme Court meal deal

This week will go down in history as one of the most pivotal moments in UK constitutional law history.

Eleven justices have spent four days listening to fierce arguments from both sides of the Brexit judicial challenge. There were case law showdowns, legal history lessons, arrests, Confidentiality Orders, statutes upon statutes, spellbinding advocacy and reams of protesters — but everyone on Twitter just wanted to talk about Lord Sumption’s snazzy ties.

Legal Cheek journalist Katie King attended the Supreme Court to report on the action. Today, she and Tom Connelly talk about what went down.



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I disagree. I think the government has done enough to win this appeal. James Eadie was clear concise and engaging. Pannick was not as great as everyone says he is. Real talk


A barrister

I don’t agree that the appeal was all that important in legal terms. It concerned a very narrow point which arises in a unique context and which will have very little impact elsewhere in constitutional law. As Neuberger wryly remarked at one point in the proceedings, the question as to the extent to which the Court could have regard to Hansard and the like (which arose obliquely in the appeal but was not argued and will not be decided) would have been a far more influential point than the one they have to decide.



The President was quite clear. Admitting Hansard he said was “the road to madness”.



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