Texas Law Hawk Christmas edition: Can the police legally search Santa’s sleigh?

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US lawyer turned YouTube sensation is back — this time with a flamethrower


US lawyer Bryan Wilson, aka the Texas Law Hawk, has produced yet another absolutely mental advert — this time with a seasonal twist.

For those unfamiliar with Wilson’s unique marketing techniques, Legal Cheek has so far witnessed the young Texas-based criminal defence specialist perform stunts on a mini-motorbike, ride a jet ski, and even catch a fish with his bare hands.

After a short hiatus, Wilson is now back with a Christmas special, in which he addresses the important issue of whether the police can legally search Santa’s sleigh. But before we get to that crucial legal point, there’s the obligatory Law Hawk madness to contend with.

The advert — which was posted on YouTube this week and has already had over 31,000 views — opens with Wilson distributing presents to children launching presents from a bridge, while riding a motorbike.


Next up, and in a move that would have made the John Lewis advert a lot more entertaining, Wilson can be seen brandishing a flamethrower. Thanking Santa for his new ‘toy’, Wilson then proceeds to test out his death machine on a hawk-shaped ice sculpture.


Viewers are then taken to a tranquil-looking shot of a family home at Christmas. Is Wilson going to take time to reflect on the birth of the baby Jesus and goodwill to all mankind? Of course not. The young lawyer enters the scene via a rope swing and proceeds to smash the place up.


Eventually, Wilson gets down to the important business of lawyering, sort of. Santa, who is accompanied by one of his trusty elves, has been pulled over by ‘Officer Butts’. Approaching the sleigh, Butts — who is wearing a ‘bah-humbug’ hat — proceeds to smash one of Santa’s taillights.


Fearing he could be about to lose his licence — leaving millions of children without gifts — Santa calls on the services of Wilson. Appearing out of the darkness riding an ice resurfacer, our Law Hawk hero lassoes the feet of Butts and drags him off into the darkness.


Not all heroes wear capes, but some do carry flamethrowers.

Watch the advert in full below:



Santos drinking habits are well-publicised. The police have more then reasonable suspicion that he’s sleighing under the influence.


Grammar Pedant

No, but they can search Santa’s sleigh, legally!



English isn’t your friend is it?



Dass not da real Santa!

I can see da string in iz beard!



RoF broke this story last week already.



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



As it’s the Deep South of the USA, perhaps the question should be

“Can the police legally slay Santa?”



Is an African-American dressing up as Santa “cultural appropriation” in the same way as a white man wearing dreadlocks is considered?




Yawn. No it isnt cultural appropriation:

1. The same power dynamics do not apply (as they do, say, when Oxford students black up and carry clubs on a safari bop)
2. Santa Clause is a combination of all sorts of different cultural traditions anyway, not a real figure capable of appropriation.
3. Yawn



So cultural appropriation is only wrong when it is the minority culture that is being adopted by a member of the majority one, but not the other way around?

I must get rid of my Bob Marley records forthwith!


Scouser of Counsel

Of course Santa exists!

Who do you think has been leaving me presents every Christmas morning for the past 30+ years?

I’ve even got proof- last year there were reindeer teeth marks in the carrot I left out!


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