There is now a Lord Pannick QC clothing range

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By Thomas Connelly on

No, seriously…


Fans of Lord Pannick QC can now wear their admiration for the Blackstone Chambers barrister thanks to a new legally-themed clothing range.

The T-shirts — which have been created by University College London (UCL) law professor Richard Moorhead — feature an image of Pannick accompanied with the tagline “You say De Keyser, I say De Geezer”.

Legal Cheek is sure most of our legal affairs-loving readers will get the joke, but just in case you don’t, here’s a very brief explainer.

Earlier this week, during the well-publicised Brexit Supreme Court hearing, constitutional law specialist Pannick — who is acting for lead claimant Gina Miller — referenced the 1920 case of De Keyser, which considered the use of statutes to restrain prerogative power.

Bringing a momentary spell of light relief to proceedings, Pannick engaged in a spot of Supreme Court banter with the justices over the pronunciation of the case (a snippet of which can be seen below). Couple this with Pannick’s stunning demonstration of advocacy throughout the four-day hearing, and it’s only right that he be referred to as “De Geezer”.

But the T-shirt tomfoolery is all for a good cause. According to Moorhead — who had help from Blackstone Chambers in creating the clothing line — all proceeds will go to 11KBW barrister Sean Jones QC’s Billable Hour appeal, which is raising funds on behalf of Save the Children.

Pannick isn’t the first lawyer to inspire a range of garments.

Earlier this year, Legal Cheek brought you the news an underwear brand had named a set of its lingerie after Doughty Street Chambers barrister Amal Clooney’s maiden name. The “Alamuddin” black bra and pants combo features a “soft elastic leg” and “lace overlay”.


And last, but by no means least, are Legal Cheek’s very own Lord Denning tees. Paying homage to everyone’s favourite “homeboy”, our classic unisex T-shirts have proven a hit with law students and lawyers alike. And with just 15 shopping days until Christmas, be sure to grab yours here.