Gina Miller warned she’ll be the ‘next Jo Cox’ as she admits she doesn’t use public transport and has panic buttons in her home

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Reveals concerns about safety in same week parliament will debate Article 50 bill


The lead claimant in the Brexit legal challenge has revealed the horrifying impact bringing the judicial review has had on her and her family’s lives.

Fifty-one-year-old investment manager Gina Miller spearheaded the legal challenge against the government’s assertion it would trigger Article 50 without parliamentary approval.

Though the Supreme Court ruled by a majority of eight to three in the claimants’ favour last week, Miller’s involvement in the case has thrust her into the media spotlight, sometimes unfavourably.

Take the Daily Mail, which has long pedalled a staunch anti-Miller, pro-Brexit stance. Last week, the site ran an article describing her as a “shameless self-publicist” who allegedly made “false claims” about having a law degree.

On the law degree issue, the Daily Mail claimed a statement on the website of Miller’s firm SCM50 said “Gina has three degrees in marketing, human resource management and law.” There are neither screenshots of this in the article nor any record of this in the Google cache. But, the newspaper continues:

In truth, Gina Miller does not have a law degree. She did study for one at the University of East London, but left before sitting her final exams…When asked about the discrepancy, her lawyers told the Mail she was unaware of the false claim prominently displayed on the website and said the responsibility for the mistake lay with a freelance copywriter.

Alongside questions about her education, Miller has been left at the mercy of angry Brexiteers who resent her for bringing the legal battle. Death threats, rape threats and racist abuse against Miller have been an unfortunate feature of the Brexit legal challenge journey. At every stage of the case, the judges involved warned the court against it, but it’s persisted.

Two people have been arrested, eight cease and desist letters have been issued through the Met Police and at least 12 other inquiries are ongoing, so it’s unsurprising this ordeal has had an impact on the businesswoman. Now, in an interview with The Mirror, Miller has revealed just how detrimental this impact has been.

Admitting she is “frightened”, “fearful” and always looking over her shoulder, the mother of two young children said:

We’ve had graphic letters where they’ve taken the time to cut and paste images of me being shot, beheaded, gang raped. They send very long messages on email or through LinkedIn. One person put a £5,000 bounty on my head for me to be run over.

She also recalls receiving a warning that she will be the “next Jo Cox”. A former Labour Party politician, Cox — who regularly campaigned on issues relating to the Syrian civil war — was murdered in June 2016. Clearly concerned by the comparison, Miller continued:

These are genuine threats. These are people who know where my office is and can see me walk in in the morning.

She also told the newspaper that she has installed panic buttons in her home, that she no longer uses public transport and that her children are very concerned about their mother’s safety.

Guyanese-born Miller has lived in the United Kingdom since she was ten and considers it her home. Breaking down in tears during the interview, she confessed the abuse has made her contemplate leaving the country. She said:

That’s the thing that upsets me most, the idea my security could be so at risk that I would have to leave the UK. I don’t want to leave my home, my friends, my family… I don’t want to leave the UK. But the choice would have to be Britain, or my children and my family’s safety.

Miller’s candid interview comes just days before the government is set to debate the Article 50 bill brought about by her legal challenge victory. Just a few lines long, the draft European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017 will get its first spell on the House of Commons floor tomorrow.

Read the full bill here:

UPDATE: 1:12pm Monday 30 January

Thanks to an anonymous commenter, we now have a screenshot of Gina Miller’s website law degree claims, thanks to internet archive tool Wayback Machine.

Miller law degree

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More Jo Brand than Jo Cox.



Fucking dickhead.



To be fair though, if she’s that worried about her safety she’d keep her head down and stop seeking attention.



That’s not remotely fair. She brought an important court challenge and won on the law. That’s it. She’s been invited on the news a couple of times for her opinion.

The fact that you think this makes rape and death threats her own fault says rather a lot about you. Typical Brexiteer.


Still want your 15 minutes?

Invited on the news a couple of times? Err, think there’s been a wee bit more publicity seeking than that.

And the rest of your comment was well over the top. Not everything (or everyone) is so black and white.

The interesting thing is how she failed to see this backlash coming, being a marketing expert and all. Everyone knew all bets were off after Brexit.

Disgusted Human

Does it matter?! No one should ever be succumbed with death threats or rape threats. There is no excuse for deplorable behaviour and completely throwing away ones’ moral compass.


“Keep her head down”? I suppose that would be your advice to Martin Luther King as well?


Sarcasm Alert

Yep, this injustice is so similar to the one Martin Luther King fought.


“Keep her head down” that’s how she made her money. Look, Hitler was against democracy & we hated him, now a nobody wants to divert democracy & we are supposed to feel sorry for her?


Oh another Charlotte Proudego attention seeker!

Nobody made her traipse around all the tv & radio stations making herself the face of the legal challenge…

All high profile’s get threats, Right or Left, Leave or Remain, male or female etc

Enough already of her St Joan of Arc protestations…



Can you substanstiate the claim that Leavers have ben threatened? Please? For sure, people demonstrate against them – but I don’t recall hearing about death threats for Farage.



There was plenty of death threats to farage’s life and his kids if im correct, go do some research you should find it


Not a churnalist

“There are neither screenshots of this in the article nor any record of this in the Google cache”. Try the wayback machine:



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



TBH you’re almost certainly one of the subhumans sending her death and rape threats.



Only if I told him to. You do realise he has no brain, right?



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



Anti-Semite scum.


“Subhuman”? Are you a Nazi?



Hey kettle, you’re awfully dark in colour..



Yoo iz RAYSISS!!!!!

It's Miller time!

GM thinks: This media attention and harassment is getting a bit much. I know, I’ll do another newspaper interview. That’ll make sure people will leave me alone.



Oh please. I’m sure it’s not nice to receive a death threat, but these days there are so many morons around that every high profile person gets them. Given that high profile people aren’t being wasted on a daily basis these death threats have a 100% bullshit rating.

She’ll be fine.



I suggest you re-read the title of this article.



The comparison is misplaced and above all, in poor taste to compare yourself to Jo Cox MP, tireless public servant and the way she passed away . Not the same thing.

Real exaggeration.



It’s what someone told her:

She also recalls receiving a warning that she will be the “next Jo Cox”.

She’s not comparing herself to Cox, that’s the (comparison/) threat tha was made to her.

Learn to read before to post.


Biq Diq's bro

Disgusting muppets, why threaten somebody who brought forth a solid case for judicial review.



The irony when Brexiteers claim that the Article 50 challenge contravenes democracy yet think its okay to send violent threats to someone who is exercising their own democratic rights to speak up and challenge the government (one that is answerable to ALL its people, not just the 52%)






Personal threats to this woman are disgusting. She exercised her rights and succeeded.

If people wanted to blame the correct person then they should focus their efforts towards David Cameron. When I say that I clearly don’t mean they should threaten his safety either – direct your complaints through your MP or lawyer.


Voice of reason

The great wrexit unwashed still crave for the colonial error long past but are marching blind back into the feudal system where they are nothing more than peasants serving their masters, Trump, Murdoch, Mckenzie and Farage.



I’ll take Trump, Murdoch, Mckenzie and Farage over Lloyd Blankfein, Christine Lagarde, Polly Toynbee and Lady Gaga any day of the week.



Don’t forget me baby!



In resonse to the voice of reason – Yeah, I’d much rather be a peasant under an undemocratic European technocrat. ……



Error was meant to say era before somebody points it out…





Ciaran Goggins

I do not interfere in Guyanese politics, if I did I would expect them to take issue. Stand in 17.5 million folks way, see what happens. I do not agree with the trolling of Miller though.



Guyanese politics is not exactly worth interfering with.

British politics, and brexit in particular is. The knock on effect of such a large and important country withdrawing from the supranational spiders web of treaties and deals will throw a spanner in the works of the Globalisation steamroller.

That’s why a certain minority is determined to stop it no matter the cost.

Miller is no mere citizen exercising her rights. She is a front figure, chosen because she is a brown woman who represents all that is virtuous in the progressive world view.

It had to be her, for to put the oily array of merchants in expensive suits who are the likely real driving force behind this on public display would surely inflame old prejudices in the public and reveal the scheme for what it is.



Anyone who thinks the UK can truly withdraw from the EU is a muppet. What are we going to do, develop our own standards for the production of cars, refuse to allow imports that don’t meet those standards, encourage manufacturers to produce to multiple different standards?

No, what we’re going to have to do, in this field and many others, is adopt EU standards without having a say about how those standards are draughted. Industry will ensure that.

I’m still waiting for the list of regulations that the government is going to repeal. Right now they are starting a consultation on changing the length of time before a new car requires to be MOT tested – because they leave it longer in Europe!?



Gina Miller is a PR hag. Doing what PR hags are paid to do. Hope her secret backers are paying her well as they hide behind her designer clothed backside.



If you f**k with the opinion of the British people then you can expect no less.


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