Poll: 70% of lawyers are unhappy Article 50 has been triggered, compared to 36% of the population

Legal profession staying true to its pro-EU ways

On the day the Prime Minister took the plunge and notified the European Union of the United Kingdom’s intention to leave, we asked our Twitter followers what they thought of the news. The answer: not very pleased.

Our poll has revealed 70% of our readers — mostly law students and lawyers — are not happy about Article 50 being triggered. The next most popular answer picked was ‘Unsure’, which totted up 16% of the vote. Only 14% of respondents said they were happy Theresa May had done the deed.

Assuming that those who clicked ‘Happy’ did so because they want to leave the EU and vice versa, this survey seems to show the demographic of lawyer remainers and leavers has not changed much since the referendum.

During the campaign stages, 75% of legal professionals told us they wanted to stay in the EU. Law students were particularly strong in their allegiance to Europe, with 81% vowing to place their cross next to ‘Remain’ when the polls opened on 23 June. This data showed lawyers tended to be Europhiles, and — given today’s news — the almost 300 days that have passed since the referendum don’t seem to have changed that.

It’s also worth comparing the latest poll with non-profession specific data. A poll by Sky News has thrown up very different results to Legal Cheek’s. It found that only 36% of respondents are “sad” about May’s withdrawal notification. Half said they were happy about the news, and 14% were either neutral or did not know how they felt.

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Lawyers are unhappy because it effects their jobs. Why can’t the profession feel happy for the rest of the country for once.


Oops, I spelt some words incorrectly. The whole meaning behind my comment is now invalid, thank god you corrected me.


You missed off the capital letter in “God”.


Air hair Lair

First, we could maybe empathise with this joy if anyone could give us a single fact -based reason how their lives will improve.

Secondly, nobody is going to leap with joy when their income starts getting

I’m assuming property / conveyancing will be/ has already been hit? I don’t hear about it on BBC

‘The rest of the country’ is about to be hit so hard… The Tories are turning their backs on moderate successful people now, in favour of the wealthiest.

My mind is open, tell me who will benefit, and how. ‘Getting our country back’ and ‘sovereignty’ does not count,
because they can’t be spent.

Also someone tell me who is going to be trading in this global world, to Egypt and Turkey, India and Australia? Any actual businesses stepped forward to take advantage of imagined free trade deals? Distance is a factor. Demand is a factor.


“‘Getting our country back’ and ‘sovereignty’ does not count, because they can’t be spent.”

Proves your mind is not open.


Because the rest of the country (well, 50% of it), are gleefully pulling the country apart. It’s like asking the large majority of Americans who voted against Trump to ‘just feel happy’ for his supporters who hold vitriolic hatred for them and voted to ruin themselves out of spite.


Good boy. Keep working for me and I’ll help you out at the next election too.

Air hair Lair

What, Trumpentroll is still here , what for? You won, get over it! What part of slender majority built on provable lies don’t you understand?


The leave case was built on lies and half-truths told by charlatans and racists.

The remain case was built on verifiable, provable facts presented by knowledgeable, intelligent people.

That’s why the referendum shouldn’t stand, and another referendum should be called.


Here comes the Leave moaners with their typical battle cries of “Cucks” and “Enemies of democracy”



1. Doesn’t have much of a ring to it

2. We left, so what do we have to moan about?

Not Amused

Oh dear. I don’t really understand it myself, I am surprised people feel an emotional attachment to Brussels and the Lisbon treaty. But I didn’t want people to be sad when I voted to leave.

Still, the weather’s nice isn’t it.

Wavey Davey

Emotional attachment to Brussels?

Moules, chips ‘n’ mayo. mmmmm. Oh, and the £50Bn

Whats not to feel emotional about?

At least the legal work will be unending. I think I shall be billing in Euros from now on.

Not Amused

It is a is a truth universally acknowledged, that a government which moves arbitrarily between two entirely identical cities for no apparent reason and at great cost is the better form of government.

Weep for Brussels (and Strasbourg) weep. Where shall we be without their wise guidance?


You realise the £50BN is just money we’re already on the hook for – it isn’t additional?

Air hair Lair

Not amused, you won’t believe we’re sinking when you feel the water rise up over your ankles.

Air hair Lair

My point exactly, Trollkreig, why the angry face ?
My experience is that the shouty, aggressive and red faced man, is the man that is weak and afraid.
Leave campaign continues, with the misuse of phrases like ‘will of the people’ ‘mandate’ and ‘democracy’.
The dangerous and powerful stay cool – look at Heseltine.


I misread the headline as “70% of lawyers are unhappy” – which I knew was a mistake as was surprisingly low!

Air hair Lair

We now have a couple of years, during which time the EU will reveal how little motivation they have to help little England achieve it’s destructive separation. Article 50 was designed to deal with situations where a Dictatorial regime took control of a country.
Such a regime, could be unelected, may seek to remove Human Rights, Environment protection, maybe seek to run the whole economy on to the rocks simply to have it’s people at their mercy. For example.


Now we just have to wait for all of the other items on the Brexiteer wish-list to be granted. According to a recent poll for The Independent, these include

– The death penalty
– Corporal punishment in schools
– Blue passports
– A £sd currency system
– Imperial weights and measures

Most of these are scary, but of course the last one never really went away (roads in miles and yards, pints in pubs, pounds and ounces on market stalls, personal height/ weight measurements in ft/ins and st/lbs etc etc)


70% of Legal Cheek Snowflake ‘Millennials’ are unhappy. This does not equate to 70% of lawyers.

Air Hair Lair

Not offended by snowflake jibe, nobody identifies with it.
Left wing and liberal , those are good attitudes, Jesus, Ghandi , Martin King , shared those values.

Had you noticed this week that everything Vote Leave told us, all the lies and assurances from Davis, Boris and May , now are floating face down in the water, now the EU reveal their negotiating position?


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