Another Doughty Street barrister gets the tabloid treatment

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Jennifer Robinson caught in crossfire as newspapers target key Labour figure

A top human rights barrister has been caught in the middle of a media storm after apparently being photographed in a “clinch” with one of Jeremy Corbyn’s top political aides at a swanky east London hotel.

Jennifer Robinson, a public law and media specialist at Doughty Street Chambers, is reported to be the woman spotted cosying up to married PR guru Seumas Milne, according to “Labour sources” cited in The Times (£).

The report — which includes a number of what appear to be mobile phone snaps — claims the pair were hanging out on a terrace area of the five-star Courthouse Hotel in Shoreditch, London.

Since The Times ran its story, there have been follow-up pieces in The Sun and the Mail Online.

So what do we know about Robinson? The 36-year-old is an accomplished cross-qualified lawyer who was called to the bar of England and Wales just last year having spent the bulk of her legal life in her native Australia. She completed her joint degree in law and Asian studies at Australian National University before going on to study a bachelor of civil law (BCL) at Oxford. Around this time she completed vac schemes at Shearman & Sterling and Baker McKenzie, according to her LinkedIn, before training as a solicitor with Finers Stephens Innocent (now Howard Kennedy). She later qualified as barrister, joining Doughty Street in January.

Though she represented WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange during extradition proceedings in 2010 when she was a solicitor at Finers, for the tabloids her career highlight came in 2014 when she attended the star-studded wedding of Doughty Street pal Amal Clooney.

Today’s story didn’t sit well with a number of Times readers, some of whom may be lawyers. One went below the line to write:

This is the sort of article that you would expect in a down-market tabloid. Which editor decided that this was to added to the “Politics” section?

While another blasted:

Disgraceful that [The Times] choose to use our subscription returns to pay for this spiteful excrement, which has absolutely zero public interest.

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All she has to do is to say that the clinch was an assault and “zip”- all traces of the story will miraculously disappear from the internet…


Jonny Wishbone

“Swanky” and East London don’t go together, that’s all I took away from this…



The “S” is silent.



Thomas’ vocabulary: ‘top’, ‘top’, ‘top’.



“Top human rights barrister”.

She’s a pupil…


Top Human Obligations Lawyer



Top Banana



Brian Scalabrini

36 year barrister, still single and now smooching a 59 year old divorced bloke like he had treasure buried deep down his throat. This lady must have no game.



She looks like a virtue signalling numpty.


Seumas is still married

He’s still married



Another storm in a T cup. Why can’t the media people focus on the BONES of a story rather then just flogging the ir flesh / surface . d1g d1g d1g I say, mulder may have been correct. But he never said it would bIte your ASS (though an ASS may b1te them, TIME will tell)



qualified as a Solicitor in 2016, becomes a pupil in 2016, easy if you can get it


LL and P

Of all the things to focus on, you chose that. Clearly her academics are top notch. Her choice in men and general public demeanor not so top notch.



Don’t all of these things go together?


Don't judge a book by its cover

Not necessarily. I am friends with a highly successful lawyer who, for goodness knows what reason, regularly engages in sexual activity with the homeless.


Secret QC

Does this occur in the environs of London Waterloo Station?


Don't judge a book by its cover

The homeless are gathered up and supposedly the action all happens in a relatively nice terraced property in Fulham. I’ll be honest – I went once. To be clear, just to watch and do a little bit of filming. I didn’t take part at all. Not at all. I wouldn’t do that, of course.



Who gives a shit what she does in her spare time. What public interest is there in this story?



the public interest in exposing Seumas Milne as a complete and utter muppet.



The Times should be above this kind of covfefe



She looks painfully Australian. You can just hear her accent from looking at the picture.


Wafting fragrantly through life

36? Should have kept out of the sun.



His wife already knows. They’re not together.


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