11 things you’ll only understand if you study law at Lancaster University

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By Domenica Giorgianni on

Norman the tree has powers

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Lancaster University takes on about 215 new law students each year, but what’s it like to be one of them? One student reveals all.

1. The irony of having an “alive tree” among many dead ones

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As a law student, you probably entered the library at least once — I mean beside that one time you needed to print off your coursework. And when doing that, you must have met Norman, our library tree. It’s a Ficus in case you were wondering.

2. You’ve become a little superstitious of late

Having heard of the great powers that Norman has, the idea of donating something to it to help your exam the following morning has probably popped on your mind.


And compulsory too.

4. The “go to” lecture theatre is Faraday

Image credit: Lancaster University

All Lancastrians know it!

5. But there’s one problem…

Following the idea that you can never go wrong if you go to Faraday, you probably have sat at the front of an Economics lecture instead of your own before!

6. This definitely wouldn’t have happened in case classes

Because the fear of being picked was too strong.

7. But you weren’t as strong when having to turn down a Whoops Wednesday in Sugar

It hurt, it really did.

8. Showing up to classes with glitter still on is a thing

And you’ll be welcomed to your Thursday 9am as if you are a hero.

9. Will you or won’t you attend equity lectures?

The answer is probably not. If you do happen to be one of the heroes that carries on till the end, you’ll witness how the lecture hall gets emptier and emptier every time.

10. Everyone knows about that traumatic 48-hour employment exam

It made many people not pick employment law because they were stressing before even getting there.

11. Finally — a shout out to our colleges!

Okay, so you probably barely attended anything that was hosted in your JCR Space yet. But it’s great to meet people from different degrees, to have a break and chill with someone that has different interests — it takes your mind away from studying.

Domenica Giorgianni is a law student at the Lancaster University.

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