11 things you’ll only understand if you study law at BPP University in London

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Boat parties are a thing

What’s it like to study law at one of the United Kingdom’s largest law schools? Gursharn Bassi, a student at BPP’s Waterloo campus in London, reveals all.

1. Free books are a lifesaver

Law books are ridiculously expensive, and you can’t help feeling bad when you see your friends snapchatting about how much they have had to spend. But, you can sit back and relax as BPP provides textbooks, which are delivered straight to your front door!

2. Snitching is okay

Someone is making noise in the library? You know what number to call.

3. Further reading — optional? NO!

When preparing for your tutorials, you may be required to do some extra reading. Make sure you cover this as it could be what your examination will be based upon. True story!

4. Forget Costa v ENEL, Costa coffee is the one for you

You never quite understand the importance of coffee until you start your degree. Luckily, Costa is just two minutes away from the Waterloo campus!

5. The irony of seeing law students smoking in the no smoking area gets you everytime

Need I say more?

6. Make use of the free networking events when you can

BPP hosts brilliant law fairs/events.

7. You’re always being compared to King’s College…

Two words: Waterloo campus.

8. Boat parties become strangely important when you start at BPP

Forget clubbing, the uni hosts great boat parties with terrific themes!

9. Your ID card photo makes you vom

They’re worse than passport photos.

10. Sainsbury’s meal deals will never let you down

Tasty yet cost effective.

11. VLE ❤️

The 🗝 to success

Gursharn Bassi is a law student at BPP Law School.

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meal deals <3


Coco the Killer Clown 🤡

Hey, Snitchy!



Not a university, but probably more prestigious the Queen Mary and Strand Poly



You funny fu*ker you.



You know these articles are getting desperate when “It’s close to a Costa” is one of the highlights.



An utter craphole. I did my LPC at BPP Holborn. I still can’t believe it’s actually permitted to award degrees.


BPP Grad

Agreed – I did my LPC there in 2012 and the standard of teaching was abysmal. A mixture of burn-outs from practice wanting an easy gig, and awkward academics who couldn’t look you in the eye.



Agreed – ‘law school’ in America carries a weight of prestige. Here in the UK, its getting churned through the ULAW or BPP machines. My branch was above a shopping centre with a few poxy classrooms – not exactly the secluded pastures of Harvard…



Everything about BPP is poxy, including the students on its esteemed LLB course.



Agree with all aside from students – I was on the GDL with plenty of Oxbridge and 1st class grads.

It just seems a bit of a farce that you can have such high achievers sitting next to people who graduated with a 2.2 from a random polly.


Big Dolla

He specified LLB not GDL.



You’re quite correct – my apologies, Big Dolla.



Chambers would disagree as there are many i know with pupillage



Couldn’t agree more, studied the BPTC there part time, total shambles, hideous facilities, nothing ever worked, lecturers didn’t even turn up sometimes, timetable changes, and never the right amount of classes on.



The free books are not free when you’re playing £10,000+ for the GDL/LPC



You aren’t being compared to King’s College, y’know.

You’re really not.



Wait, what number should I be calling to snitch? Seriously.


Trendspotter 5000

No one compares BPP to KCL. The latter is a world-leading institution in the academic *cough* study of law.

The former is a private-equity funded thrift shop (or am I thinking of ULaw?) that employs third-rate ‘professionals’ to teach students who are either desperate enough to self-fund their professional courses, or who have something secured and couldn’t give a rat’s arse about the teaching.

Hang on, BPP’s offering an LLB now? I can’t begin to contemplate the degree of desperation that one must suffer from to make the choice to study a full undergraduate course there.



I did an undergraduate LLB at BPP and now I’m in my second month of pupillage so perhaps it’s not as bad as you think.



A two month mini pupillage?



Is your pupil master called Lord Harley by any chance?



No to both of the above questions


The Lord Harlequin formerly known as Coco the Killer Clown 🤡

Kneel before me and carry my medals, slave!


Better than you

Yep me too. Done very well out of it too.

Ignore the “redbrick” w*nkers who think they’re above it all with their history of arts degrees, they all have tiny willies


Trendspotter 5000

Inferior academic subhuman detected.

I’m not going to lie, I thought that BPP’s LLB was primarily designed to appeal to those with low levels of literacy. Imagine my surprise when I saw not one, but two somewhat cogent responses on this thread!

I actually tried to find the BPP LLB’s admissions criteria online, but, after looking through their webpage a couple of times, I gave up. You know that you’ve got a solid university – on par with King’s College London (?) – when it doesn’t even advertise its restrictions on who it’s willing to teach. Anyone with a wallet, I guess.



Whatever the admission criteria and the abilities of the average student, the actual course content and teaching on BPP’s LLB is perfectly reasonable, for the most part, or at least it was when I (anonymous of yesterday at 13:07) studied there from 2012 – 2014.

After graduating from BPP I did an LLM at UCL and I never got the impression that those on that LLM who had graduated from more prestigious institutions had covered much greater ground in their LLBs than I had in mine.


Missed out on 4A’s

A*, A, A



oh shut up and focus on paying your debts Debby downer



Briana, is that you in disguise???



No 12. Trumpenkrieg would be fascinated by the comparative demographics of the LLB and the GDL.



The bewildered look on the girl’s face at 6 is cute.



Funnily enough I found the teaching to be quite good on my course. Although that is in comparison to Cardiff which really doesn’t count as a comparison



These listicles are getting pretty boring and tired now. Even Buzzfeed has stopped doing them.



All my teachers on Lpc were great. Apart from the odd tosser



Isn’t the correct title “You’ll only understand 11 things if you study law at BPP University in London”?


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