11 things you’ll only understand if you study law at BPP University in London

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By Gursharn Bassi on

Boat parties are a thing

What’s it like to study law at one of the United Kingdom’s largest law schools? Gursharn Bassi, a student at BPP’s Waterloo campus in London, reveals all.

1. Free books are a lifesaver

Law books are ridiculously expensive, and you can’t help feeling bad when you see your friends snapchatting about how much they have had to spend. But, you can sit back and relax as BPP provides textbooks, which are delivered straight to your front door!

2. Snitching is okay

Someone is making noise in the library? You know what number to call.

3. Further reading — optional? NO!

When preparing for your tutorials, you may be required to do some extra reading. Make sure you cover this as it could be what your examination will be based upon. True story!

4. Forget Costa v ENEL, Costa coffee is the one for you

You never quite understand the importance of coffee until you start your degree. Luckily, Costa is just two minutes away from the Waterloo campus!

5. The irony of seeing law students smoking in the no smoking area gets you everytime

Need I say more?

6. Make use of the free networking events when you can

BPP hosts brilliant law fairs/events.

7. You’re always being compared to King’s College…

Two words: Waterloo campus.

8. Boat parties become strangely important when you start at BPP

Forget clubbing, the uni hosts great boat parties with terrific themes!

9. Your ID card photo makes you vom

They’re worse than passport photos.

10. Sainsbury’s meal deals will never let you down

Tasty yet cost effective.

11. VLE ❤️

The ? to success

Gursharn Bassi is a law student at BPP Law School.

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