Slaughter and May’s 2018 spring retention rate is 95%

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Firm ‘very pleased’ as 35 rookies qualify into magic circle outfit

Slaughter and May has become the second magic circle outfit to announce its spring retention score, and it’s a good one.

Of the 37 trainees due to qualify in March, 36 were made offers of a newly qualified (NQ) position at the elite firm. Thirty-five of these were accepted, giving Slaughters an overall score of 35 out of 37 or 95%. A spokesperson for the firm said:

“We are very pleased that we have continued to post consistently high retention rates and we look forward to the positive contribution these lawyers will make to the future of the firm.”

Indeed, Slaughter and May is traditionally a strong retention performer. Its last retention score, in autumn, was 91%, while its rate before that, in spring, was 100%.

The 2018 Firms Most List

The firm clearly has a penchant for releasing its retention rates early — its last spring score was announced before Christmas! And while Slaughters is one of the first to the spring 2018 season, it’s not the first. Magic circle rival Clifford Chance announced its spring score, 92%, in mid-January. Trowers & Hamlins did the same, though its score was 86%. Mayer Brown‘s 100% figure came even earlier, in December.

NQs at Slaughter and May can expect high-quality work, top corporate perks and good remuneration, Legal Cheek‘s 2018 Firm Most List shows. Moving from a second-year trainee salary of £49,000 to an NQ rate of £80,000, Slaughters new lawyers will see their pay boost by two thirds overnight.

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Not sure this is totally accurate…



It’s 100% I assume? I can’t imagine why anyone would leave SandM.


Jacob Rees-Mogg

I would be most grateful for some pate.



“The firm clearly has a penchant for releasing its retention rates early — it’s last spring score was announced before Christmas!”



S&M slave

They won’t be staying there for long. As per usual.



I hear it’s the best of the MC though, certainly not breasted like the US firms.






False. S&M hours can be dismal, same as anywhere which turns in such a large PEP.



Actually it’s probably true. Hours are dismal when things are busy, but people are otherwise very reasonable.



The classic myth that US firms will always beast you harder than MC firms irrespective of seat and busy or down periods really needs to be put to rest



I think it’s more of an “on average” rule, not “every single day of your TC”.



At places like K&E, Skadden, and Latham, expectation is 2500-3000 per year, at the MC you can get away with 2000 for a few years. There’s no myth.



I work for one of the 3 you mention and can confirm that is 100% BS.

My hours are akin to those of my friends who work in the same department at MC firms.



You have the time to put comments in this site, so I have my doubts. My friends at those firms are working all Saturday and are in tomorrow, and pretty much every weekend. The hours are on a different planet.


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