Latham & Watkins managing partner RESIGNS after admitting ‘exchange of communications of a sexual nature’

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Legal profession rocked by new misconduct scandal

Latham & Watkins global chair and managing partner has resigned from the firm after admitting to conduct involving the “exchange of communications of a sexual nature”.

Bill Voge, who was based in Latham’s London office, has stepped down with immediate effect after making a series of voluntary disclosures to the firm’s executive committee.

Voge’s conduct “involved the exchange of communications of a sexual nature with a woman whom he has never met in person and who had no connection to the firm”, Latham’s statement said. It continued:

“Mr Voge’s conduct did not involve the firm, any of its clients, or its personnel. Mr Voge engaged in subsequent conduct relating to this matter that, while not unlawful, the executive committee concluded was not befitting the leader of the firm.”

In a personal statement, Voge — who joined the US giant in 1983 and was elevated to managing partner in 2014 — said he had made “a personal mistake for which I bear considerable fault and humiliation”. He continued:

“I deeply regret my lapse of judgment and I am sorry for the distress and embarrassment I have caused my family, friends, and colleagues. My conduct falls well below the personal and professional standards I have tried to uphold throughout my entire career. My disappointment in myself is all the more acute because this lapse does not represent who I am and what I believe, and because I have let down our firm and its people, all of whom I so deeply cherish and respect.”

The firm’s statement added: “Accordingly, the firm’s executive committee accepted Mr. Voge’s resignation, determining that these lapses in personal judgment made continued service as chair untenable.”

Latham — which recently revealed revenues of over $3 billion (£2.14 billion), the first law firm ever to do so — confirmed that vice-chairs Ora Fisher and Richard Trobman have stepped in as interim co-chairs.

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Harvey Weinstein

what’s wrong with flirting?



He’s Energy, no doubt off to a lucrative post in Texas where different rules and mores prevail.


Judge Mental

Tell that to his beloved wife



He’s a married man and sending sexual messges to a woman is more than flirting ha?


Civil suit coming

He was fired because he threatened and taunted the woman through text for two days insisting she sign a Non Disclosure or face both jail and a civil suit. She sent the texts to Latham and they fired him.



*perspires audibly*


s.32 Salmon Act 1986

…in anticipation of an impending new hire?



# when you hate your work and want to quit so you snitch on your self for flirting outside of work , and in you personal life



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I have no idea how on Earth can behaviour which is: i) not unlawful; ii) done outside of work, not on work email accounts, not involving work in any way; and iii) the private matter between two adults, grounds for such an epic fall from grace.

Strange world we live in these days.



Most definitely agree. If I was a tad more paranoid I’d say he was skillfully played by someone that wanted him out and he fell right into it.

The Managing Partner of a massive office like that is a place I’m sure many want. I suspect office politics at work.



So. Fucking. What.



Seriously wtf



“Legal profession rocked by new misconduct scandal”

Perhaps a tad bit over-dramatic. I acknowledge this is unfortunate for Mr Voge, but I anticipate that of the 167,209 legal professionals identified on the Law Society’s “Find a Solicitor” website, 167,208 were not actually ‘rocked’ by this news.



Another one whose career is shot to shit after doing

LITERALLY *clap* NOTHING *clap* WRONG *clap*



Trumpenkrieg – he snitched on himself, he brought it up. He did this to himself and then resigned.



Given you don’t know what he did, you have no idea whether he did anything wrong or not.


Corbyn. Sympathiser



Commercial barrister

I guess these must have been unwanted ‘communications of a sexual nature’. Or sent from firm email. You don’t get fired for sexting.



Read the WSJ comments under the article about his resignation – there’s rumours of blackmail, his family getting involved, who knows…



Do you have a link to this?


Bill Hardwood

“Soz every1, it was all just a bit of bantah.”

– Bill Voge yesterday to his ‘Latham TopCock Ladz’ WhatsApp group.



He must have used his work computer or work email account, otherwise this would make no sense. The “series of voluntary disclosures to the firm’s EC” were presumably made when the contents were discovered. All the large employers in the UK, do regular sweeps of their database to see if anyone has been accessing prohibited websites – instance the 3 judges who were sacked a year or more ago for watching porn on their work computers. Whether Bill was doing this in work time or outside doesn’t really matter if he was using his work IT system.



Legal 360 – “Before his sudden departure Tuesday, Latham & Watkins LLP Chair Bill Voge engaged in a pattern of reckless behavior starting with sexually explicit messages sent to a woman he approached on behalf of a Christian men’s group and culminating in threats to her husband to have her thrown in jail….”

it may not have been done on his work computer but it was clearly very inappropriate and more than banter #MeToo comes to BigLaw






When I complained about a silks behaviour towards me, the set started a cover up strategy, trying to vilify my presumed sexuality and spreading false information that I had committed criminal acts. Some lawyers do not know how to behave and think their bully boy tactics an appropriate way to respond when they are taken to task for their own behaviour.



I wouldn’t be too surprised that as a managing partner, he hit “reply all” to a chain email when sending those explicit emails.



This is sad. I met Bill at an Academy. Very charming man and extremely professional with me and all of our colleagues. I am not sure the extent of the communications but I do know is that he was a humble and inspiring leader who cared deeply for all of us.

This is a sad day for us as he was very well liked. But we have an amazing cast of leaders who will see this through.



Similarly, I worked with Bill before and he was one of my professional heroes. I am gutted for him and his family.



Worth reading the Law360 article



So it wasn’t using work computers, and wasn’t him voluntarily fessing up:


Civil suit coming

Read the Above the Law article about Bill Voge.


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