BPP suspends law degree in face of solicitor super-exam

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Exclusive: LLB on pause so law school can ‘design programmes for the future’

BPP University is halting its LLB offering so its law school can design “programmes for the future”. This comes as the profession gears up for huge changes to legal education, most notably the solicitor super-exam.

Andrew Chadwick, dean of BPP University’s law school, told Legal Cheek:

“We have taken the decision to pause our intake on our public LLB offering. This is to enable my team to focus on designing programmes for the future.”

This will have “no effect” on BPP’s solicitor apprenticeship programme, “which incorporates a distinct and purpose-built LLB and which will continue as before”, nor does it affect law students already on programme. Legal Cheek understands that students who were made offers for next year (2018-19) have been informed of the news by telephone, and that current law students also know about the plans.

The 2018 LPC Most List

Tricia Chatterton, the director of business development at BPP, told us the law school has “clear plans for the future” and that “now is the time to turn those plans into a reality”. She was unable to say how long the suspension will be for — everyone’s waiting for more information from the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) about the super-exam but it’s so far not been very forthcoming — but did stress there are no plans to scrap the LLB at BPP outright.

BPP’s law degree cohort has been shrinking for the past few years.

From a 2014 high of 665 undergraduates accepting places to study law there, in 2017 just 105 students did the same. That’s a decline of 560 or 84%, and bucks the general, nationwide trend of law school cohort numbers increasing. BPP takes on an undisclosed number of Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL), Legal Practice Course (LPC) and Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) students every year.

Today’s news comes just days after Legal Cheek revealed BPP was among a number of universities planning on incorporating Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) content into its undergraduate courses.

On this, BPP said it’s “reviewing our entire portfolio of programmes to ensure that students are both prepared for the future of legal practice as well as to pass regulatory assessments”. BPP has even introduced a new senior leadership team in response to the impending SQE, which is anticipated to come into force in 2020.

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BPP University take on too many students. There are not enough training contracts for them all.






Being a solicitor is not the only career one can have as a law graduate. Sometimes it is not all about the money, firms and suffering



Agree, in general a law degree can be used for careers other than in law. But a crappy LLB/GDL/LPC from BPP is of no other use.



I’m sure ULaw will be waiting in the wings to sign up all these LLB-ers



Sorry to hear that you have a chip on your shoulder. You must have been rejected from, or failed miserably at, BPP.

From my experience, BPP is one of the finest Law Schools in the UK. I should know as I employ Lawyers on a large scale.

Perhaps BPP thought you were crap, hence your bitter and negative comments.



These sub-standard educational institutions should not be allowed to provide these qualifications in the first place. It is worse as it is that they provide ‘professional’ qualifications and fleece money from aspiring barristers/solicitors (who may never see light of day in court!)



So BPP have realised there’s less profit to be made teaching the LLB rather than on-line accountancy test-prep crammer courses.

Should never have been granted degree-awarding powers.

The first private ‘for-profit’ institution to be given these powers and look how it’s turned out.



Blessing in disguise for the students having their places cancelled. Now you can go study at an actual university, not a huge money-making machine.



Private Equity cost cutting more likely explanation for this development. Very sad. Ten years ago this was a great company but now ruined by PE.



And nothing of value was lost



As BPP well know astute students have voted with their feet and walked away from their poor quality degree compared to other Universities. The facts speak for themselves!



Did my LPC at BPP. Terrible, terrible place.



What another institution would you recommend?



BPP aren’t putting it on pause because of the solicitor super-duper – they’re putting it on pause because their retention and pass rates for the LLB are so tragically low.



BPP are desperate for students so it’s odd they’d cancel. They kept calling me ever since they got my details asking if I was interested in the LLB. Weird!



I was thinking about LPC course from BPP in Birmingham. Now I’m worried after all comments. Where would you recommend to go instead? Please advise



Would think twice about a course at BPP it’s rumoured that there are redundancies a foot for law staff … not a good sign of the future if student numbers are increasing elsewhere.


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