Judge Rinder, Lady Hale, pink wigs and plenty of dogs: The best photos from the London Legal Walk

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Feet sore from yesterday’s London Legal Walk? Relax, grab a cup of tea and feast your eyes on some of the best pics from the charity event.

It’s become compulsory to take a few snaps along the 10km route, which lawyers descend on each year to raise money for free legal advice centres across London and the South East. These include a photo with the king of lawyer selfies, Judge Rinder:

Rinder wasn’t the only legal celeb donning trainers yesterday evening. A number of Supreme Court justices, including the president, Lady Hale, took part in the charity get-together too:

Fancy dress and props never go amiss either. A pink wig? Check.

Hula hoops? Check.

A cardboard bus adorned with lawyers’ headshots in the windows? Check.

Another great feature of the walk is the sheer number of dogs that take part every year. Here’s just a few from yesterday:

There were so many four-legged friends, in fact, that this year’s walk even featured a “Dog Bar”.

Legal Cheek took part in the walk with mental health and wellbeing charity LawCare.

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How are the Supreme Court judges “celebs”?



If your only frame of reference in life is whether someone is a “celeb” or not, and whether they have a public twitter or instagram profile you can browse, then they would be.



I have yet to see them on a panel show or surrounded by Paps as they stagger into a limo at closing time. They may have generated some excellent headlines in their capacity as “Enemies of the People”, but without fake tan they are nothing.


Judge hobosexual

Katie has a shrine dedicated to lady Hale. She’s even had a restraining order taken out on her



Good to see that they let a few of the JD trainees out for the day!



Tasty packet of crumpets at Mishcon.



Lapping my loodles at this.



No photo of KK in figure hugging lycra. Fail.


Gus the Snedger




Ah the London legal walk, where a bunch of lawyers presumably not equated with exercise wear friggin running gear for a friggin 10km walk. Running gear for a short walk.



I saw a trio of Mishcon “walkers” in their orange shirts cycling on Boris bikes down Strand at about 5:45…



Bunch of cheats they are. Not that I complain – means that the married crumpets are still attainable.


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