Five reasons why Love Island is exactly like law school

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Hearts will be broken 💔

Another season of Love Island is well underway. And, much to our surprise, this year’s cohort boasts not one but two legally-minded romance-seekers. So this got us thinking: are there any similarities between Love Island and law school? Turns out there are more than you might think…

1. Bad decisions are inevitable

Love Island and bad decisions go together like Denning and a dissenting judgment. While matters of the heart rarely run smooth, the fact Jonny ditched the nation’s sweetheart Camilla for Tyla is a decision which remains unforgivable. And let’s not even get started on Eyal’s recoupling with Hayley…

For law students, however, replace the idyllic Majorca villa with a booze-filled City networking event and you’ve got yourself a recipe for bad decisions to rival Love Island.

Three glasses of chardonnay deep and you’ve explained to the senior partner that he would be crazy not offer you a training contract before crying uncontrollably into a grad recruitment brochure in the firm bathroom. Bad decisions all-round.

2. It’s tough

Sometimes, living in a sun-soaked villa surrounded by beautiful people gets tough.

We’ve all felt for this year’s Love Island contestant Alex, who confessed to feeling “like a leper” after being pied multiple times by multiple girls. Niall reportedly left the villa because of the stress he was under, while we’ve seen tears shed from the likes of Rosie, Zara and Laura.

Law students can sympathise. The never-ending cycle of exams, assignments, vac schemes and training contract applications leads some aspiring lawyers to question why they signed up for this in the first place.

3. Choices need to be made

Do you pursue your human rights dream or chase the cash-filled world of corporate law? Do you have that fifth vodka and skip tomorrow’s 9am tort lecture? Should you quit law school and join an ITV2 reality TV show? Law school really is one tough choice after another.

Much like Love Island. Contestants are forced to choose who to couple up with multiple times a week, inevitably knocking out fellow islanders, and friends, along the way.

4. Hearts will be broken

Love Islanders‘ hearts break on a near-daily basis: yes, recouplings can be that brutal.

However, when it comes to aspiring lawyers, its not the affections of others (or rather lack of them) that prompt tears. Heartbreak usually takes the form of a training contract rejection letter, a vac scheme knock-back, or, dare we say it, a land law summer resit 💔

5. Future job prospects are mixed

A handful of former Love Islanders do well out of the show: last year’s Chris and Liv landed a spin-off show and Montana a presenting gig with MTV, while others go on to make money from appearances and product endorsements. Unfortunately, most ex-contestants drop away from the limelight with only some extra likes on Instagram to show for their ‘grafting’.

Law students face the same fate — well, sort of. A select few will graduate with top marks, secure a training contract, qualify at a top City firm and go on to earn mega-bucks. Others, meanwhile, find themselves in a never-ending cycle of TC apps and paralegaling.

And then there’s the aspiring lawyers who never make it. But fear not, there’s always Love Island 2019…

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Does anyone with half a brain actually watch this crap? Feel slightly worried that LC have decided to cover this.



From the very little I’ve seen on this pathetic TV show, the cast must be the worst bunch of ogres and f*ckboys ever brought together under one roof. Revolting.



How do you know what a f*uckboy is, if you have never watched the programme?



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


Professor tits

You’re surprised LC are acting like someone without half a brain?


Mr. Charles

New low for L.C. comparing an education in one of the most challening subjects available, to a reality t.v show. No reflection on the show, I know people love it, but poor comparison.



6. You’ll resort to smoking in a secret location to not show your peers that you’ve resorted to a menial coping mechanism to deal with all of the “future legal eagles”.



LOOOL good one!



I must be the only law student who doesn’t watch Love Island 🙃



No. I don’t either. I’ve never watched any of this utter tripe. Ashamed to admit I did watch it last week under the coercion of my best friend. These days people dream of having their 15 mins of fame , instant gratification. I myself would much rather have years of hard work ahead. Each to their own and all that caper. The worlds gone mad!!


Toiletman Timbo

🎤 “No spray, no lay!” 🎤



🎤 “No splash, no gash!” 🎤



🎤 “No Armarni, no Punarni!”🎤



What’s an “Armarni”?



Oops. Not with it today. No Punani for me.


Haha I see Katy is posting under the guise of Legal Cheek Reporter today.

Nice try!



Loool no she’s not mate. She’s leaving today.


Tugg Speedman



Lady hale

Finally I can come out of hiding! I haven’t seen sunlight in 5 months



Some of the comments under this article are sooooo dense / take this way too seriously. It is obvs just trying to drive traffic and be a bit “relevant”.



Say…do you wanna work at a REAL law firm? 🍆💦



Click bait. Rather than quality reporting.



You must be new here.



Law School (BPTC) is like any reality show – full of wannabees who think they are going to be superstars – with just a few making any kind of mark at all



And bitter people, apparently. ☝️


Magic Square

Commentators this morning are pretty po-faceless. It’s fun and mindless tv: get a grip! Better yet, take those sticks out of your bums; then you might get your training contracts/pupillages.



Magic Square in Magic Far Away Land I suspect.



Law School for me was exactly like love island. My balls and legs ached all day from shagging easy bimbos


JD Partner

Somebody offer this man a job, he’ll fit right in!



Pupil-Barrister and Love Island fan. Oh the horror!



Yeeaaa BM! You ma boiiii!



Downloaded your app today. Read this crap and will now delete the app. What a joke.



Yes, let’s laugh at the plebs on TV! HAHAHAHAHAHA!


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