Nottingham Trent law student creates Donoghue v Stevenson inspired snail sanctuary to celebrate completing first year

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Image credit: LinkedIn (Rachael Parnham)

A law student at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) has taken an alternative approach to the post-exam blow out by creating a Donoghue v Stevenson inspired snail sanctuary.

Rachael Parnham, from Grantham, Lincolnshire, purchased four giant African land snails (yes, you read that correctly) to celebrate successfully navigating year one of her LLB.

In homage to the tort law classic, Donoghue v Stevenson, Parnham planned on creating a “ginger beer themed enclosure,” according to her LinkedIn post. Unfortunately her hopes of a law-inspired snail habitat were soon “shattered” when her children named them Elsa, Anna, Turbo and Mr Shy.

The original 1932 case saw May Donoghue sue ginger beer manufacturer David Stevenson after she discovered a decomposing snail in her bottle of ginger beer. The House of Lords’ decision in the case established the civil law tort of negligence. The case is now a staple on law courses — and has made students ultra-cautious when consuming ginger beer.

This isn’t, however, the first time Donoghue v Stevenson-related news has graced the pages of Legal Cheek.

Earlier this year, Scottish artist Mandy McIntosh paid tribute to Paisley-born Donoghue by producing a bronze statue of her. The sculpture — which is based on a black and white photograph of Donoghue holding her twin granddaughters — will feature hand-coloured spirals and an oak plinth when complete.

Image credit: Mandy McIntosh

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This is such a non-story.



I acc. think its great


Corbyn. Sympathiser

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Corbyn. Sympathiser

When JC comes to power fascists like you will immediately be sent to the firing squad.


I am personally celebrating the fact that I have not completed any year of the undergraduate law degree at Nottingham Trent.


Confused Commonwealther

Is there a difference between NTU law school and Nottingham Law school? Obviously notts is a better uni but google searches only yield NTU law school



Nottingham Law School is part of NTU – it offers LPC/BPTC and the like in addition to undergrad stuff. University of Nottingham School of Law is the Law Department of Uni of Notts – doesn’t offer qualifying postgrads only LLMs and LLBs.



That is not correct.

Nottingham and Nottingham Trent are both colleges of the same university. Its a collegiate university.

They don’t do LLB or LLM degrees. They do the BCL. This is a 4 year degree. It has a high failure rate: something like 87.1% of students fail. However, those who pass automatically get a pupillage at a prestigious London chambers of their choice and become a tenant half way through the pupillage.



Anyone who disagrees is a fascist


Is it a sanctuary when you just buy the animals?

Do I have a goldfish sanctuary?


What even

Of course, my fridge is a cow and chicken sanctuary. We used to have pigs too but… I er.. they ran away.



This is so sad.


Donald.Trump QC

Not going to save the fact the failing NTU has a bad hombre law department



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This is actually pretty cute.



Can we have some stories I can actually comment upon please Legalcheek? Quite tricky to come up with Donoghue v Stevenson innuendo…



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


Fresh faced JD Trainee


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