OMG! BuzzFeed loses its first-ever general counsel

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Ex-Freshfields lawyer Allison Lucas also tried her hand at journalism

The ex-magic circle legal boss of news and entertainment website BuzzFeed is packing her bags after a five-year stint at the digital media outlet.

BuzzFeed has not commented on the reasons for Lucas’s departure except that a spokesperson did tell the media that five years is “a long time in BuzzFeed years!”

Allison Lucas, who has been based in the New York offices of BuzzFeed in charge of a team of 14 legal eagles, started life as a journalist for a couple of industry titles in the US before opting for the law, studying at Manhattan-based Fordham University Law School where she won an award for legal writing.

Lucas then launched her legal career, surviving two years with Freshfields‘ securities and M&A teams in the US followed by a stint at Greenburg Taurig, a US firm (described on website Glassdoor as “a great place to rest” (!)). She made the move in-house at United Media, doing intellectual property work, according to her LinkedIn page.

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An opportunity to work for a burgeoning news business was the perfect fit for Lucas with her newshound background and the role must certainly have been knife-edge at times. As BuzzFeed’s general counsel she was, for example, on the receiving end of a Trump-related lawsuit at the beginning of the year. Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, sued the news outlet over their publishing of a dossier (in which he is mentioned) that makes links between the US President and the Russian Government at the time of Trump’s election in 2016.

BuzzFeed has a funny relationship with lawyers. A few years ago, Legal Cheek covered the news site’s evaluation of law students at university. And earlier this year, it uploaded a YouTube video featuring US law school horror stories.

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The best bit of this article is the link to another article with a comment from Niteowl Attorney. I miss him.



I miss his deranged yet articulate harangues too.

With the exception of Not Amused there are no interesting posters on here any more. Occupy, Niteowl, dave, Scouser of Counsel. All gone.

Trumpenarse and the Corbyn troll are poor replacements.



What about judge hobosexual? Mumsy? A trust fund with a trust fund?



Niteowl was a tiresome bore.



Is that where KK’s gone?

Only kidding, she’s not a lawyer.





Frustrated Writer

“That’s it, Alex,” she said. “I quit.”

Alex stared blankly at Katie, trying to stifle a burp from last night’s curry from his gut. He failed: a blast of stale air filled his mouth.

She looked at him, disgusted.

“Katie! We had a good vibe going on! It’s all coming together. Just give it 6 more months?”

“I want to do something with my life. I’ve signed up to be a reporter in the Congo. They’re paying me double you are, and also giving me a house to live in and medical insurance.”

Alex lowered his gaze. Katie was a key part of the team. If she had options, she would surely take them. At least there was still Tom left full-time.

Tom cleared his throat.

“Jeez, don’t tell me you’re off as well!”

Tom was taken aback at the snarl from Alex

“Actually, Alex, I was just going to do a Starbucks run. Your usual macchiato with extra golden syrup?”

Alex was again surprised.

“Yeah, sure. Katie, let’s all go for a coffee and talk about this.”

The three left the office, uncertain of the future.



Can u continue to when it all ends in a weird threesome?



Not as good as the real Frustrated Writer, but nice try.



Was there any point to this? It wasn’t even funny.


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