Slaughter and May lawyer scores World Cup punditry role

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Associate consultant and footballer Eniola Aluko heads to Russia

Eniola Aluko. Image credit: Instagram (@enialuko)

A lawyer at elite magic circle player Slaughter and May is part of ITV’s World Cup punditry team in Russia, Legal Cheek can reveal.

Eniola Aluko, an associate consultant in Slaughters’ corporate team, is set to join regular pundits Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville, Ian Wright and Lee Dixon in ITV’s studio in Moscow later today. The World Cup officially gets underway this afternoon with the hosts Russia taking on Saudi Arabia at the Luzhniki Stadium.

According to her LinkedIn, Aluko studied law at Brunel University London before going on to complete the accelerated Legal Practice Course (LPC) at the College of Law (now The University of Law) in Moorgate. Law Society records show the 31-year-old qualified as a solicitor in 2015.

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Law aside, Aluko is also an incredibly successful footballer. Having joined Birmingham City Ladies aged 15, the hot-shot striker went on to play for a plethora of clubs including Charlton Athletic, Saint Louis Athletica and Chelsea. Aluko — who played at international level for both England and Team GB — recently signed for Italian giants Juventus.

Having flown out to Russia earlier this week, Nigerian-born Aluko wasted no time in soaking up the pre-tournament atmosphere:

Last year, Aluko was involved in a high-profile discrimination case against former England women’s manager Mark Sampson. The Football Association issued an apology to Aluko in October for “racially discriminatory remarks” made by Sampson in 2014.

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“Legal Cheek can reveal”

Nice try – I’m pretty sure ITV did the revealing on this bit of news Tom.


Impressive stuff. I can barely manage to get myself to the gym three times a week, let alone train enough to play for Juve!


More people like Eniola should be featured on this website, instead of garbage legal AI promoters and love island contestants.


Amazing work!!


The fact she is “an associate consultant in Slaughters’ corporate team” is rather irrelevant. It is the fact she is a world class footballer that got her the job.


This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.

Corbyn. Sympathiser

Bugger off fascist.


What have you got against women?


I went to law school with her and she’s a very intelligent lady – great footballer and a great lawyer

Eniola’s colleague

Above post supposed to say Eniola’s colleague ^^


Super impressive stuff but I am struggling to get my head around her job at Slaughters. If she qualified in 2015 she is unlikely to fill the usual “consultancy” role at large firms.

Given her other commitments (which, lets be honest, are a hell of a lot cooler) where does she find the time to do any legal work?


Essentially just doing work when teams get busy. My department at an MC has a couple of people who are consultants who trained here and lend a hand when we need people who know what they’re doing but don’t want to work full time. They would be about 3-4PQE if they had stayed. Quite a good gig if you trained at a good firm but want to do something else.


Weird, I practised at two MC firm and never came across anything like this.


I think it’s the new flexible arrangements, I think Links announced it last year sometime. As above said, it is having flexible lawyers who pick up overflow work etc or another body for when the teams are busy.


This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


I balance being a judge with being a hobo drunk, beat that !!


PS: I’m not a real judge and the amount I actually drink is frankly pathetic in comparison to real drinkers. To be perfectly honest, I often fall asleep having had 2 G&T’s and pee myself whilst dreaming about life as a judge. Still, at least I can pretend to be one her 🙂


This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


Phil Neville still doesn’t seem to rate her. Shame. Good striker.


I hear she is wild in the boardroom.


I am going to play devil’s advocate here, if this was a male lawyer that had bagged the opportunity to go and commentate on the world cup, do we think that Slaughter’s would be as willing to let them go?


A decent male footballer wouldn’t need to work at S&M.


Yes it’s disgraceful that women footballers are paid so little.

Random passer-by

It isn’t disgraceful because the women’s game doesn’t attract the same level of support and following as the men, and this is largely due to the relatively poor standard. A top nation women’s football team would get beaten by an Under 15s boys team from a top club’s academy, so that is the level. I actually believe the men’s game should subsidise the women’s game to some extent, and ensure the top players there get a decent wage. But we need to stop pretending there is a conspiracy against women in sport. With some exceptions. the interest isn’t there in supporting a product that is so low in standard compared to what else is available.


Legal AI is coming down the pipe. Why do you think the egal sector is the only sector immune from the march of progress?


‘Associate consultant’ I.e. Token


Low centre of gravity, turn of speed, can feign a move to create an opening and finds the net. Looks like she enjoys playing too. Didn’t see her punditry.

Made me think…Phil, let’s be honest, your record as a coach is poor – but we like the way you will follow the producer’s orders on match of the day.

We are tempted to give you the job as coach of the England women’s team…i know , i can scarcely believe the offer myself, but there is a condition. You dont pick Eniola Aluko unless we tell you you can. Your comms are what we tell you your comms are. We are not looking for an innovator like Brian clough or Johan cruyff, just a confident plodder, so you will find it easy.

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