Oxford Uni leapfrogged by Glasgow in shock new law school rankings

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Cambridge secured top spot

The University of Glasgow has placed higher than the University of Oxford in a new eye-catching law school power list.

Compiled by the Complete University Guide (CUG), the annual league table ranks law schools on criteria including entry standards, graduate prospects, research quality and student satisfaction. Law faculties are then given a score out of 100 and placed accordingly.

This year’s list has thrown up one or two surprises, to say the least.

Securing second place, Glasgow’s law faculty finished ahead of City law firm favourites Oxford (third) and the London School of Economics (fourth), while Aberdeen jumped five places on this year’s list to bag fifth spot. University College London and Durham finished in sixth and seventh place respectively.

The 2018 Firms Most List

Rounding off this year’s top ten, Dundee rose an impressive eight places to finish eighth, King’s College London secured ninth spot for the second year running and Edinburgh dropped three places to tenth. Like last year, Cambridge’s law faculty secured top with a perfect score of 100.

Some Russell Group unis have not done as well as might be expected. Sheffield (25th) finished four spots ahead of Newcastle (29th), for instance, while Southampton (36th), Cardiff (38th) and Liverpool (40th) all placed outside the top 30.

The CUG’s rankings come just weeks after The Guardian released its own law school league table. Using similar assessment criteria to the GUC, Cambridge bagged the top spot, ahead of Oxford (second) and Dundee (third).

Complete University Guide’s Top 20 Law Faculties 2019:

Ranking Law school
1 Cambridge
2 Glasgow
3 Oxford
4 London School of Economics
5 Aberdeen
7 Durham
8 Dundee
9 King’s College London
10 Edinburgh
11 York
12 Nottingham
13 Bristol
14 Leeds
15 Strathclyde
16 Warwick
17 Queen’s Belfast
18 Kent
19 Exeter
20 Lancaster

The full rankings can be found here.



Tom, you must feel pretty sick that KK got her ticket to freedom out of LC whilst you’re still sat there churning out this tripe.



Easier if you’re a girl though isn’t it


Interviews Lord Neuberger

Boom – proper job



Proper job at Citizen’s Advice? LOL.



What wrong with wanted to help others less fortunate?



This list is such utter, utter horsec*ck shite it ain’t even funny.

Get the f*ck outta here, Tommy.



Rankings are meaningless now. Best bet would be to ask employers themselves. Something as arbitrary as “student satisfaction” isn’t of much use.



When the criteria churns out such unbelievable results its time to re-examine the criteria.



You mean how much advertising space the buy on the various rankings’ webpages? Everyone knows these rankings are for the most part bought.

I personally stick to a comparison of QS world rankings (general or buy subject) and the Shanghai ARWU global rankings by subject. More accurate.



All the best lawyers I know went to Glasgow or Edinburgh. Completely unsurprising.


Wah wah my uni is better than yours

But the Guardian told me Dundee is better!!!



Do you work at Brodies by any chance?


Tugg Speedman

University rankings are a largely useless metric, only good for your old man to gush to his colleagues and neighbours about how well is sonny-boy doing at his “prestigious institution…it came fifth in the world!”

At the end of the day all that matters is whether you’re able to man the fuck up, grab opportunity by its big, hairy balls and get that job you’ve always wanted.

A degree from a well-ranked institution will undoubtedly help, but in the end you gotta stay hungry, stay lean and be prepared to hustle. No “top” university can teach you that.



This comment is so powerful it made me rip off my shirt, leap on top of my desk, kick the PC monitor outta the way and start simultaneously both fist-pumping and tugging off, yelling “Willie banjo” off the top of my lungs.

I was promoted to Partner ten minutes later.


JD Partner

Yes. Sorry it took so long.





Suis Generis




I wouldn’t even mind this shite if it contained the slightest real insight or evaluation as to why the rankings are the way they are… you have literally just copied over the rankings table with the scoring criteria and then picked out some *surprising* changes over last year (spoiler, these are all indicated by the rankings table anyway…) to cobble together an utter non-story.

You have literally done zero work to create this, I am so glad I use an ad blocker.



Lol 222 upvotes. Suck on that Tommy boy



Seriously though. At least KK used to periodically pinch off something that resembled journalism.



UCL above Bristol? meh



The key issue with Bristol is that they only let you go if you’re an insufferable dickhole.



How’s life treating you in Bristol then?



Poor chat mate



That comment proves the point.


Are you having a laugh? UCL is miles better for Law than Bristol.



City University is only good for English people. If you’re English, you’ll probably get an Outstanding too, cheating or not!



So just because Oxford has been overtaken by another institution, this ranking table all of a sudden cannot possibly accurate, and there must be a fatal flaw?



That’s not what anyone is saying!



Though if that was what anyone was saying they would have a point.



Yes, and that would be a correct sentiment. Cambridge beating out Oxford? Likely. UCL? Ok I can see that… it has happened previously and it was the law school good enough for Gandhi (plus the continued low intake and quality teaching of the LLB results in them having good placement rates at firms). But any of the Scottish schools? Yah, no.

The ancients in Scotland are quite good for most subjects, and their law grads do ok at getting placements with Scottish law firms. But Oxford and Cambridge law are global entities in their own right. An Oxon BA (Jurisprudence), BCL can get into a dick measuring contest with a Harvard AB, JD any day. Same goes with a Cantab BA Law grad. A Glaswegian steps into that ring and they’ll be laughed out.


Glasgow LLB

“…dick measuring contest…”
“steps into that ring…”

Quite apart from the preposterous language you’ve used to express it, your point has a basic flaw: you’re conflating perceived prestige and “dick-measuring contests” with attempts (albeit inherently flawed ones, I’ll readily concede) to objectively compare law schools.

*No one* is suggesting that the renown (or dick-measuring quotient, as you may prefer to put it) of Glasgow is on a par with its Oxbridge/Harvard counterparts; indeed, this shoddily written article seems to have based its clickbaiting title on the assumption that Cambridge is widely acknowledged to be more prestigious.



Why, you must be a clever Glasgow LLB indeed.



Someone I know at Glasgow Uni got a TC with Linklaters. F-off.


Someone I knew who went University of East Anglia got a TC at a White Shoe US firm… Your point?


Lol @ the University of East Anglia comparison. Glasgow is an Ancient with far higher entry standards than most of the red brick and ex-poly institutions being quibbled over here and absolutely shits on most other unis in the UK in terms of the quality of the graduates it produces.

The key thing to remember is that in England and Wales the very best students almost invariably aim for Oxbridge – not so in Scotland, where the highest achievers largely tend to apply to Edinburgh, Glasgow and St Andrews (though the latter is less relevant in this context as it doesn’t offer an LLB). The current chief of McKinsey and First Minister of Scotland are both Glasgow law graduates, to name but two.

The level of ignorance and completely unwarranted snobbery from people with degrees from jumped-up redbrick unis on this thread is very ugly indeed, if completely unsurprising





Swansea over Cardiff? Hahaha good joke.



Chippy Cardiff student spotted


Arnold Swolenegger

You cannot climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.


Cardiff graduate

fuck sake



How is Cardiff’s entry standards higher than Birmingham, Sheffield, Lancaster etc. But still ranked at 38? The Law faculty needs to sort themselves out.



“Russell Group unis” – please stop writing this



“You cannot climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.”

It depends if you’re an actor, putting your hands in someone else’s pockets and saying ‘don’t tell anyone and you’ll go far.’


JD Partner

Or indeed one of my trainees.


Arnold Swolenegger

This rings very true – I’ve had my third leg in a lot of people’s ‘pockets’.



Thanks in no small part to UCAS tariff changes that benefitted Scottish institutions…

Also CUG 2019 came out months ago



Also worth noting that having Scottish and English law schools in the same ranking is a bit misleading. Apart from some joint-qualifying degrees offered at Aberdeen/Glasgow, most students in Scotland study Scots law with a view of going on to train in Scotland: the fact that Bristol is ranked below/above Cardiff doesn’t matter to us, and vice-versa.


Libeturd Leftie

Who is us?



Being a Scots lawyer isn’t a bar to working in England, there’s plenty of Scottish lawyers working in corporate and finance roles in MC/SC/US firms, who have not done a conversion to English law.


Your American Superior

you Brits and your Oxbridge, it nothing compared to Yale, Harvard and Stanford in terms of Law. KNOW YOUR PLACE.

In this case Oxford – below Glasgow.

Also, because Oxford ranks below Glasgow does not make this ranking inaccurate. Unless you did the analyses your self, then STFU



ROFL, what are you on about you dickhole?



“you Brits and your Oxbridge, it nothing compared to Yale, Harvard and Stanford in terms of Law. KNOW YOUR PLACE.”

analysis – not ‘analyses’….’is’ nothing.

300 million Americans, with 4 year normal degrees before they let you loose on law, the JD.

Yet you have the audacity to join in the conversation where you ‘English’ or your American English is not exactly fabulous. For that matter, it is the United Kingdom not ‘Brits.’ Britain is not the same as the UK. Know your place, you say but the question is do you know yours? And remember, your laws came from ours.



Don’t your law schools in the US comprise largely of open-book exams? Point made.



dont feed the troll



Well done if you’ve made it down the comments this far. Worse than YouTube, right? Right.


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