Ince & Co and Gordon Dadds in tie-up talks to create UK’s largest listed law firm

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Statement issued to the London Stock Exchange

Maritime specialist Ince & Co and London law firm Gordon Dadds have revealed plans for a merger that would create the UK’s largest listed law firm. If given the go-ahead, the tie-up would establish a new 14-office-outfit with combined revenues in excess of £114 million.

Gordon Dadds floated on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) last year, becoming only the second UK law firm to do so. At the time, Legal Cheek reported that the public offering raised in excess of £20 million to help fund future growth, acquisitions and the repayment of debt. The first UK law firm to take a punt on the LSE was national outfit Gately in 2015.

The 2018 Firms Most List

A statement issued this morning by Gordon Dadds to the LSE said:

“The boards of Gordon Dadds and Ince & Co are in discussions to merge the two businesses. The precise structure and mechanics of the transaction are also under discussion and the respective boards are working towards a further announcement as soon as possible. There can be no certainty at this time that the merger will proceed and we will update shareholders in due course.”

News of a potential tie-up comes on the back of a turbulent few months for Ince & Co.

This summer the outfit announced 32 redundancies in its London office following a “very detailed review” of staff numbers. Just days later, we revealed the start dates of five trainees (half the firm’s 2018 intake) had been pushed back a year. In compensation, the five soon-to-be rookies now starting in August 2019 have been given £7,000 each.

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Barn Owl




Ince & Co they are (were) a shipping law firm.



What are Gordon Dadds’ NQ rates these days?



90k NQ bruh


Ince insider

Gordon’s better be ready to take on a whole load of toxic debt that Ince is packing if this goes ahead. The shop has no work, no mandates and associates furiously jumping the sinking ship. For the past month or so I’ve largely done BD work. They’d be mad to take them on, the firm is one step away from the shitter


Ince Nq

Trust me, we’re already up to our neck in it. I’m one successful interview away from leaving this pit



Ince have been pimping themselves out for a merger for a few years now. Doesn’t fill you with confidence.



Why doesn’t Ince join the good ship CMS? The more lawyers the merrier!



CMS’ Canon Street offices look great outside, but inside it’s like a Guinness World Record attempt for “Most desperate university graduates crammed into one postcode”.



Top bantz






I work for one of the biggest legal recruiters in the City and have been swamped with CVs from Inces for well over three months now. Mostly transactional and finance, some shipping and litigation ones too. Can’t say they’re making much of a dent though, a lot of decent firms laugh at them


Avv. Kattivo

Doubt (X).

Considering Ince & Co is ranked Tier 1-3 for a few practice areas, I don’t see how firms could “laugh at them” or any of their lawyers. While perhaps this might not be the peak of their “golden era” in terms of financials, the above post remains pure fiction. Plus – and apologies if this might hurt your feelings – your CV as one of many legal recruiters in a big city, is not that an impressive of an achievement.

For anyone wondering, I don’t have any ties with the firm, just my two pence.



Lmao @ Ince being a good firm


Clyde & Co top dog

We’re so much better



Use of “top” detected.

Stop creating drama in the comments, Tommy.


Bite me.


shet ferms


fhet serms

Legal Rec

You may not see it as much of an achievement, because recruiters don’t need to go through the years of study that Solicitors do, but the honest truth is that the majority of lawyers couldn’t do our job. I’ve worked with ex-lawyers and they can be good, but the majority are shocking.



Citation needed.


Avv. Kattivo

Error 404: Citation not found


How does it feel knowing you work at Ince & Co?

Avv. Kattivo

I don’t work at Ince you cretin, I turn tricks for petty cash near Aldgate East station.



Avv. Kattivo (not the angry recruiter)

Mr. Elite Recruiter, I must confess I do appreciate your effort in replying with my name tag; I thought you were too busy making “top dolla” though?

Random passer-by

Recruiting is a shit job. Almost anyone can get in to it. Fine not everyone does well but it doesn’t require any intellect. Stop kidding yourself.



Exactly. How hard can it be creating your linkedin premium subscription and sending multiple copy and paste emails that get ignored?


Recruiters are thick as hell. Estate agents for people. Just arranging a few meetings and they get a commission.

Legal Rec

My argument was not that it is difficult to get into recruitment. I thought that for such a smart bunch that point was pretty obvious.
What I said, was that lawyers struggle to do it well. I know for a fact that if there weren’t entry requirements I could do a lawyer’s job. Especially in a Corporate Support team. Copying and pasting the same documents over and over again is the same as in-mails on LinkedIn. It’s called efficiency. If the same message applies, why would you waste time changing it? Especially if they get ignored as has been claimed?

I’m the Legal Rec from 2:28pm, by the way. Don’t confuse me with the other poster who has used the same name.


“I know for a fact that if there weren’t entry requirements I could do a lawyer’s job.” – Yes, similarly if it wasn’t for the entry requirements I could do a brain surgeons job. The point of entry requirements is they are needed to demonstrate that you can do the job so to state if It wasn’t for the entry requirements I could do the job is akin to saying if it wasn’t for the fact I don’t have the skills and abilities to do the job I could do the job.

Legal Rec

Except that I make dolla by the metric f*cktonne, work 9-5 and enjoy observing you wage slave lawyers. You wish you were me matey

Avv. Kattivo

Doubt (X)

Random Passer-by

Yes I wish I was a recruiter. A very respectable career with long term prospects.

To anonymous 3.28pm, i should add those joker recruiters even use different colour font for the message so you know everything after Dear Tommy, is cut and paste. And they send emails about construction jobs even if you’re a property solicitor. It’s insulting. Admittedly some are bright and good, but the threshold for entry is so low that you deal with some absolute clowns.


Lol whatever dude.


As someone who has just left Ince I agree that it wasn’t the best but the claim that a recruiter has been swamped with CVs on the finance side is complete crap.

Ince only has about fifteen transactional lawyers in London….
That was very much the problem. They tried and failed to grow the transactional side whilst the litigation side stalled.

Ince trainee

Congratulations for leaving the mines. What kind/type of firm did you end up moving to? Generic description is fine.


Hahaha this is amazing. Do recruiters even need a degree?



Welcome everyone, to KWM 2.0! It’s bigger, it’s not quite the same calibre, but it’s going to be the shitshow of the decade.



“UK’s largest listed law firm”

That’s not a particularly difficult title to achieve.



Shipping firm Ince has been listing for a while I hear.



The Salvors have arrived!



Top firm



Usually people jump out of a sinking ship but Gordon Dadds seem to be taking the opposite approach


Gordon's Dadd, Tony

Gordon, don’t you dare buy that sinking sack of shit!



Could be worse. Could merge with Dechert.


JD Partner

Did someone say get tied-up?


FAO Legal Cheek

Stop listing controversial articles (e.g. the gender workplace discussion and now the death of the billable hour/legal tech write-up) under your careers section to avoid people challenging the views put forward. It’s pathetic.



Let’s see how long it takes for DWF to merge with Ince.

Can you imagine how much that ship would buckle under the pressure?



Anyone betting against the ‘merged’ firm being called ‘Gordon Dadds (The rescuers of: Ince & Co.)’? . . .


Budd Foxx

Piece of cake, Gordo.


Colour Me Dadd

This is going to hurt, Ince & Co…



It is shame that a shipping law firm like Ince have got themselves into this mess. They were once the go to name in shipping. Not anymore.

The merger with Gordon Dadds is likely to dilute their good name in the shipping industry. I would not be surprised if they become a general services litigation firm and shipping disappears or becomes a small part of their business.

Ince’s Competitors (HFW etc) must be smilling ear to ear and rubbing their hands with glee with this news.



Ince were top for shipping. Now they are merging with a small national firm, as the cuck. What a decline.



Pathetic isnt it. Hopefully Clydes will step in soon and pick up whatever is left of the wreckage



All the good people have left. There are only assholes left – They will fit in at Clyde & Co



I wouldn’t want to be an Ince employee!


Top top top

Gordon Ladds more like. Top firm, top pay, top work, mad bantz all round. Inces are lucky we’re interested



Sounds like they employ 15 year olds. Mad Bantz…, Give me a break. Next your be telling us the offices are “Peng”.



Are Gordon Dadds a TOP firm?









Gordon Dadds to Ince “We haz free munny but no law – you haz law but no munny. Do you want to play mummy and daddy?”


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