Research: Over 80% of lawyers ‘dislike’ lawyers

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Half believe their co-workers are lazy

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If you’re reading this, and you’re a lawyer, there’s a strong possibility that your colleagues don’t like you and think you’re lazy.

Adding credence to the view that lawyers aren’t the most likeable bunch, new research released this week claims that 83% of legal professionals work alongside people they “dislike” or find “frustrating”, while 50% felt their colleagues weren’t pulling their weight at work. A whopping 90% of respondents told researchers that their work-shy colleagues impacted how they felt about their job.

The stat relating to laziness is particularly eye-catching given the notoriously long hours associated with a career in law. A quick glance at Legal Cheek‘s Firms Most List 2018 shows that it’s not uncommon for City lawyers to put in eleven hour plus days.

The 2018 Firms Most List

Elsewhere, the research — undertaken by online recruitment site CV-Library — shows that despite two-thirds (67%) of legal professionals claiming that they always support their colleagues, 33% admitted they were jealous when co-workers received a promotion.

Half of the 160 or so respondents said they discussed salaries with their colleagues, with a third admitting to an attack of the green-eyed monster if they weren’t pulling in the same levels of cash.

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, said:

“It’s concerning to learn that half of legal professionals feel their fellow workers aren’t pulling their weight. This can be demotivating, unfair and frustrating for employees. What’s more, the negativity that professionals are reporting is bad news for both workers and businesses.”

Today’s findings may go some way to explaining why so many lawyers use bad language to vent their work-based furstrations. Research released last year showed that 42% of lawyers regularly swear on the job, compared to just 36% of finance workers and 32% of retail staff.

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All you ever talk about is city lawyers and you always try and relate it to a post about city lawyers or a fact about them but seem to forget that the majority of legal professionals work in high street firms yet you never talk about them. No wonder everyone hates you because most of the people who come on here work in a high street firm.



Whilst I can see that you high street folk spend more time on here, the irony is if you actually worked hard in school and beyond you wouldn’t have so much time to go on here and complain about it.



Funny thing is the majority of people who say high street work is a joke probably work in a high street firm but just like to make themselves feel good by bringing others down.



Didn’t say high street work is a joke – it’s just. that (in my way) it is less exciting/rewarding/challenging. We need conveyancer-guys and divorce-dudes (and the female equivalent) like you – but it’s just not news when Mr Downes from Surrey has used Whittle & Casebrook to dispose of two buy-to-lets in Northhampton.

You get me?



I agree with that but the way Legal Cheek portrays the law they make it out that their is only city lawyers or that city lawyers are the only people that do anything worth mentioning. City Lawyers are mainly there for the big corporations and companies and rich individuals but the every day person is almost always represented by a high street firm and Legal Cheek does not give enough credit where it is due.

Anon also

I think I ‘get’ that you’re a twat… *rubs chin*


Actually, there are a lot of people who choose to work in high street firms as they do not desire the long hours associated with the city firms. I know for certain that once I have completed my 5 years in London, I will be moving to a high street firm, as it offers more flexibility and a more rewarding practice.


Nor is it news when MegaCorp A buys Company B and calls you lot in for the paperwork, which could be done by anyone iweren’t it for the fact that they’re legally obligated to hire lawyers and keeping a few in-house isn’t worth it.

So that’s what most of you are for the most part. A requirement.


* were it not.


Biggest load of rubbish I ever heard. How can you completely slate high street solicitors like that. You are one of the most stuck up people I have heard on here. High street work is rewarding and unlike city solicitors, we actually have a social life and get to go out. In the city everyone stabs everyone in the back and I can see why when people like you work in them. You are the lowest of the low but think your great because of your job. You are an unimportant employee of your firm that your bosses don’t care about so have fun in your sad life working for people who are just looking for an excuse to fire you. Child.


Complete false. I am friends with a high street solicitor who graduated with a first class honours in law and received a LLM from Cambridge. She did exceptionally well academically and chose to work a high street firm because she enjoyed that area of work more. Please do not assume that every high street firm worker is not as intelligent as city lawyers

(I am a associate at a city firm).



She’s a loser.



As a City Solicitor, you’re nothing more than a glorified clerk. Until the 90s you lot were called clerks before qualification.

Now I guess your masters have polished up your descriptors. No wonder you lot are ever so uppity.

If you’d actually worked hard in school you’d be at the Bar. Not pushing papers for your betters with scant hope of elevation at the Bench.

Hey, you get free steak however don’t cha ? AND FREE FOOD after 9 or 10.

That’s surely something.



JD Partner

* Grabs popcorn *



This surely isn’t true. The majority of posts are targeted towards City updates on compensation and general updates. Surely no high street solicitor is particularly interested in that?



The same way the FT focuses on major commercial deals and the main newspapers pick up the big stories. Who cares about Higgins and Bloggs in the market town or Payne and Smith on the high street. The idea isn’t to be everything to everyone. This is rightly so the focus of LegalCheek and most law careers websites – citylaw and the top 50 firms because that’s the top end of the market. Does the BBC do match of the day on local town F.C. v next door suburb F.C?



But the gap between city firms and high street firms is not much apart from where their solicitors got uni degrees from and how rich their clients are. In my opinion most city lawyers are pretentious a**holes who think their the dogs b**locks just because they work in a high street firm but they are spoon fed their who training contract and never truly understand quite how difficult it is making a living working in a regional firm. Regional firms are overworked and underpaid a lot of the time. Also, it’s not like regional firms don’t deal with big cases or have big news that people would be interested in. Legal cheek only make posts about the mediocre things city firms do but if a high street firm did something incredible, Legal Cheek would stick its nose up at it.



they are* the dog’s danglies. Clearly a high street lawyer.



I don’t know why you automatically think because someone makes a spelling mistake then they are a high street lawyer. City lawyers make just as many mistakes as high street lawyers and to be honest, people don’t usually proofread their work when they post on Legal Cheek. You are just being a child for picking up on it.


It’s just that you can’t take someone seriously when they write off “most lawyers” working in the City with a broad brushstroke view (whilst glittering this with a clear dissatisfaction at their own working-life), whilst making multiple further assumptions which just can’t be made given the variety of work in the City, and then that person bemoans the amount of work they do have… pot and kettle, really.

Just get on with whatever you’re doing, unless you don’t want to – in which case get on with something else. An online tabloid-legal-news site is the least of anyone’s worries.


You really are stuck up your own backside. I have an opinion just like you have an opinion. Doesn’t mean either of us are right or wrong you just want to prove to people who you don’t know that you are something special even though they don’t know who you are and probably don’t really care. If you worked in a city firm I highly doubt you would have the chance to respond to all these messages if you were actually doing work.


Here we go with those sweeping assumptions, fantastic. I didn’t even state any opinions in my above comment, I just highlighted the hypocrisy of the original bloke going on about the anatomy of dogs.

Besides – what is your argument? About what are we arguing now? I’m not going to respond to you again, so please feel free to like your own comment below and dislike this one and get on with you life.


We have a biter.

Poster above

I’m someone who trained in the regions and moved to the city at 1PQE so I have experience on both sides. I can say there is most definitely a huge difference in the type of lawyer im the regions to the city certainly up to partner level – city lawyers working on huge pan European multi million/billion corporate deals to intense deadlines are working round the clock making very important decisions on some of the most complex legal matters for clients working under similar circumstances. The deals are bigger the stakes higher and thus the fees are higher = bigger salaries in the city and “money law”. In the regions the pace and the size and the frequency of deals not to mention the cross border time zone considerations just isn’t there on a regular basis – perhaps now and then but not on every deal.

Also – why would you chose to work somewhere where you are overworked and underpaid – if you choose to accept this and not realise your true worth and move somewhere for more money and / or better balance then more fool you.



@ Poster above Sep 19 2018 5:03pm

You’re post is the perfect example of why a rigid class system is needed.

It always happens. You Hyacinth Bucket types gain a bit of distinction/prestige, and it goes to your heads like strong drink.

Then you oiks start looking down on good, honest, decent and hardworking people.



* Your not you’re.



High street?





Brought to you by Godzilla: King of Monsters (2019)

Studying is boring. Let’s not kid ourselves – most ‘city lawyers’ will never be able to afford a decent flat where they work anyway. That is unless your family is loaded, or they find out that Godzilla is touching down in London.






Legal Aid crime here (yes, city bods, I can read and write and do not live in a wheelie bin).

Most of my colleagues work bloody hard and I find few who have a bad word to say about other criminal lawyers.

But I’m sure the financial rewards make up for the toxic back-stabby world that you must inhabit.



I’m sure you’re really bright – I’m a bit skeptical you don’t live in a dumpster though


Tarquers who’s Starkers

Hi, Barrister here.

Sorry to “drop the B bomb”.

Wanna get bare and jiggy with the horse-hair wiggy?




Are you suggesting we make the beast with two backs?
If yer, then pics?



Cos I wanna know if you’re a man or a woman, apart from everything else lol!


I imagine ‘Tarquers’ is short for ‘Tarquin’?


Lol @ all the badly drafted comments from high streeters



Lol @ you given the fact you are probably a legal secretary at a high street firm but don’t want to admit it.






That is a really dodgy joke… how embarrassing.



Perhaps he works in the basement of Clifford Chance…?

Lovely lawyer

Having read through these comments, it is hard to believe that there is anything to dislike about other lawyers.



First post on LC. ..nothing interesting to add to the conversation. I just wanna see my post up. Hope you thoroughly enjoyed reading it.


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