Baker McKenzie’s lawyers and trainees can now wear jeans

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But global giant’s recently relaxed dress code policy does not extend to leggings, flip-flops or trainers

Lawyers at Baker McKenzie can now wear smart jeans around the office following recent tweaks to the global outfit’s dress code policy.

The firm has told its London-based lawyers, trainees and support staff that they can now ditch the suits and skirts in favour of a more “business casual” approach. It comes on the back of a decision by the 77 office-outfit to allow staff to wear more informal clobber around the office during this year’s soaring summer temperatures.

In an internal memo to staff, Baker McKenzie’s managing Alex Chadwick said: “We have seen that this has had no impact on the projected professionalism of our people and therefore we see no issue with permitting business casual attire throughout the year.”

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The memo, circulated last month and seen by the website Financial News (£), continued:

“[I]t remains the case that we should all dress appropriately to reflect our working commitments on any given day”.

Legal Cheek understands “appropriately” means garments such as ripped jeans, shorts, flip-flops and trainers remain strict office no-nos.

This, however, isn’t the first time a big City player has adopted a more relaxed dress code policy.

In an attempt to boost office cohesion following its 2017 three-way mega-merger with City duo Nabarro and Olswang, CMS implemented a new “less formal” dress code policy that “encourages maximum flexibility” on the part of the individual lawyer.

Several months later, Travers Smith adopted a similar approach when it told its lawyers and support staff last year that they could wear “business casual” attire when not in meetings with clients or conducting work on client floors.

News of Baker McKenzie’s new policy comes after the firm kept on all of its qualifying trainees in London this autumn (albeit with one given a fixed term contract) and upped newly qualified solicitor salaries to £77,000.

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Lots of firms do this – lots of firms have any non-fee earning employees come in smart casual.


Top Liverpool Legal Aid Solicitor


We jus’ go down weerk innuz trackies in da Livapule maaate!

No problum wid dat down ‘ere la!

Only dem dats in da doch weerz a suit, mate!



Stay there



This is offensive.


Chickens are better than donkeys

Jesus who gives a cr×p

This is such a non story.



This comment could apply to any LC article.



Given we are (mostly) either wannabe or actual lawyers, what lawyers can wear to work is relevant and vaguely interesting. We have been arguing in my office (small US firm) about dress down and examples like these are helpful. I’d much rather read this than another article about some random partner drink driving.



It was highly divisive among the partners (mainly opposed by corporate/banking) and was subject to lengthy debate. Happy that the new policy was passed and all fee-earners I have spoken to are delighted, other than the 1st seat trainees who had all just bought new wardrobes of suits.

I think partners need to recognise more often that it’s little things like this (that do not cost anything) that make the populace happier.



When Devilfish died back in 2015 you need to remember that US firm salaries were closer to those at UK firms. I am not saying that the two things are necessarily connected, but just putting it out there…


Avv. Kattivo

Is this in relation to “casual/dress down Fridays” or the whole week?





Irwin Mitchell Galley Slave

My loin cloth was torn in two places so my line manager thrashed me good


Ince & Co NQ

I haven’t got any clothes at all. Just broken dreams


Roadman OG QC

Trackie bottoms on Fridays too please.



Rah, man be rocking the F2 RASCAL trackies blud



balenciaga trainers and all that shite


Promiscuous NQ

Are ripped jeans ok?



The proverbial 99.9% of the UK’s population, who neither inhabit nor care what happens in City law firms, would shrug their shoulders, while wishing they had all that spare time to spend thinking or agonising about why and how to tweak a dress code.



What a pathetic comment. When’s the last time you had sex lad?



Tom just couldn’t resist throwing in the last bit about retention rates and NQ salaries!


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