The 2019 Chambers Most List goes live

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Expanded careers guide now feature 50 sets — each with a Legal Cheek View and Insider Scorecard rankings

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The definitive student guide to the leading barristers’ chambers in England and Wales has gone live with its 2019 version.

The new Legal Cheek Chambers Most List features over 50 sets, including all the magic circle, the other major commercial chambers, the human rights outfits and the main regional powerhouses.

The can be sorted in order of pretty much everything — from number of pupillages offered to size of pupillage awards; from diversity to most Oxbridge-educated new tenants.

The 2019 Chambers Most List

Each firm in the lists has a detailed profile, containing an extensive ‘The Legal Cheek View’ analysis of what they’re like as a place to work and how they have been performing recently, alongside an Insider Scorecard with the grades they received in the Legal Cheek Junior Barrister Survey 2018-19.

The enhanced profiles are also a jumping off point to firms’ social media and graduate recruitment pages.

Check out, too, Legal Cheek’s Key Deadlines Calendar, containing all the major firms’ graduate recruitment deadlines, and the new Legal Cheek iPhone app with key deadline alerts straight to your phone.

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