Meet the vlogging future magic circle trainee who has racked up nearly 3 million views on YouTube

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Bristol University law grad is closing in on 100,000 subscribers

Eve Cornwell – image credit: @gabsek (Instagram)

Future Linklaters’ trainee Eve Cornwell is the bringing law vlogging to the masses.

With a YouTube channel boasting over 70,000 subscribers that has received a total of 2.7 million views, the University of Bristol law graduate’s page is filled with videos documenting her daily routine, latest fashion finds and travels abroad. However, what caught Legal Cheek’s eye are her engaging videos on life in law.

In her most popular video, viewed over 200,000 times, Cornwell records herself opening her final year LLB results — as if the process wasn’t nerve-wracking enough! Stressing that her dream of becoming a lawyer is on the line, viewers watch a visibly shaking Cornwell achieve a very high 2:1 result and secure her spot at Linklaters.

Despite not starting her training contract for another year, Cornwell has wasted no time in getting to know her future employers. In one video, which has notched up over 55,000 views in just one month, Cornwell takes her fans on a tour around Linklaters’ London HQ before sitting down with one of its partners, Finn Griggs, for a quick Q&A. Reflecting on her experience on the firm’s vacation scheme, Cornwell provides some useful hints and tips for students considering a career in corporate law.

With mental wellbeing within the profession coming under increased scrutiny in recent months, a number of Cornwell’s videos touch on more sensitive topics including stress, depression and handling rejection.

Other clips include practical law school pointers. For example, Cornwell’s video, ‘How to make first-class lecture notes + cut down reading time’, offers an insight into how she approaches her studies, explaining how to apply the law critically and achieve those higher marks.

Some of Cornwell’s YouTube offerings, however, are just for laughs. In one video the future lawyer — who has completed vacation schemes at Latham & Watkins and CMS — reacts to Legally Blonde, the go-to courtroom rom-com, and compares it to the realities of law school.

Equipped with jump cuts, impressions and even costume changes, Cornwell proves she is as funny as she is informative. Due to start an accelerated version of the Legal Practice Course (LPC) next year, you can follow Cornwell’s exploits via her YouTube channel, as well as her Instagram and Twitter pages.

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JD Senior Statesman

Goddammit HR, send her a TC offer now!!!!!



She will go far. I see all the social media obsessed people at my firm getting promoted as they play the game.



Is this based on looks?



If you’d interpreted the initial post correctly you’d see it’s to do with embracing social media and promoting the firm and your own ‘brand’ that is leading to success within the firm. Not looks.



The big corps and law firms are truly “Clown World”


Zach H

I have been watching her videos for quite some time now and can surely say, she is really passionate about what she studies. It’s nice to finally see a change in the vlogging content being posted on YouTube. Even non-law students find her videos entertaining, which is a huge achievement on her part. Her two careers – YouTube and law look really bright. God bless you, Eve


LL Associate

Every single person who comes into the firm with a sizeable social media following has had an unrealistic expectation of what the job entails, performs poorly on the TC and ends up leaving. I expect this young lady will be no different.



Absolute rubbish! You cannot judge everyone on your limited experience. This person has done her homework by the sounds of the article and manages expectations by talking to those around her.

Good luck and don’t let the negative people in this world impact on your career. Congratulations and hope you have a high flying career



Charlotte Mcgong Wannabe


Greenberg Glusker HR

Hi Eve. Please allow me to reach out on behalf of our London office. Kindly keep in touch if you wish to discuss qualification opportunities.



They are deleting comments now



They’re deleting almost as fast as we are all typing.



So sad that there are real human beings who actually delete comments on a website like this just to earn a few GBP. Guys – seriously – regain your dignity and quit now.



Hey c’mon, what the hell? No need for that.



We need more exceptional women like this in the workplace. 70% isn’t enough. We’ve got to be more ambitious.



Yes. There will never be equality until all offices are 100% women.



Usually with one scumbaggy male partner managing them all.



This comment is ripe for deletion.



What the partners and recruitment bods at firms tell you as part of their marketing is how amazing and valued you will be as an employee with so much support and opportunity for progression.

Fast forward 5 years and you’re an overworked associate, carrying an extra 2 stone, working hours that seem to dominate your social life and those who got promoted seem to have brown nosed their way upwards. The original partner who sold the firm to you has moved on again to sell more snake oil and the recruitment lady sympathises with your predicament and suggests you contact HR to get away from her desk. You then realise that person is away on maternity leave (again) and it would be career suicide to complain.



I swear that every wannabe lawyer should just read posts like this to understand what it really is that they are getting into.



They are deleting so many comments on this one and so quickly.

It’s almost like Snapchat. The best comments last like 30 secs. They must be afraid of Linklaters.

But if Linklaters are recruiting personages like this then probably they don’t need to be too afraid.



Student who has developed huge social media following secures magic circle training contract, then interviews the person who interviewed her for the TC on her own massively popular YouTube channel. That seems pretty impressive to me. Well done!


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