Vlogging sensation reveals how she secured a magic circle training contract

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University of Bristol law grad Eve Cornwell shares her top tips

Eve Cornwell

In her latest YouTube video, vlogging sensation Eve Cornwell reveals how she secured a training contract at a magic circle law firm.

The future Linklaters trainee explains what aspiring solicitors can do to “stand out from the crowd” and “get ahead of the game”. Posted on Cornwell’s YouTube channel with over 70,000 subscribers, the vlog is the final instalment in her incredibly popular ‘The Law series’, a collection of videos providing useful tips and hints on how to succeed in law.

The new offering (embedded below), which has already been viewed over 16,000 times since being posted over the weekend, comes just days after Legal Cheek reported how Cornwell had become one of the world’s most popular legal vloggers.

In the new video, Cornwell starts by addressing a question she is constantly asked on social media: how did she secure a vacation scheme and training contract? “It’s really hard to give an answer because it’s not like a split-second thing,” the University of Bristol law grad says. “It’s not something that I can say, ‘oh, I did this one thing here and that allowed me to get it’ — it is much more of a process of building up your CV, building up your experiences so that you enter the application as a really competitive and strong graduate,” Cornwell tells viewers.

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Continuing, she explains that in her first year she focused on extra-curricular activities, especially those offering leadership roles — meeting law firms on campus, attending open days and seeking opportunities from wider national law networks. The future Links rookie then reveals that her focus in second year was on applying for vacation schemes, a process consisting of online applications, critical thinking tests and assessment centres.

Cornwell concludes on a positive note. “Don’t put too much pressure on yourself,” she reassures viewers. Cornwell continues:

“All of us have made applications which we’ve been rejected from. All of us have done assessment centres that haven’t gone well. All of us have been in an interview where we’ve been asked a question that we have not known the answer to and we’ve just completely blanked out. It happens to everyone and you need to make mistakes to then improve in the future.”

You can follow Cornwell’s journey as she embarks on the Legal Practice Course (LPC) via her YouTube channel, as well as her Instagram and Twitter pages.

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Promoting this tripe again.



Top bantz, love it.



I’ve smiled at this article being next to one about Helena Normanton all day.

One, a groundbreaking woman overcoming enormous social barriers and ingrained prejudice to quietly revolutionise the bar and the practice of law. The other, a gobby vlogger with a TC.



Really happy for her, of course; it felt amazing when I got my TC offer this year.

But what is so special about her youtube videos? They say the same things you read on Chambers Student, AllAboutLaw, TargetJobs,, I’ve even read LC articles which give the same advice! In fact, I feel like her videos massively oversimplify so many aspects of the application process. Just me, perhaps.

Also – are these articles paid for by her/on her behalf? If so you should probably disclose that fact.


LL Associate

Don’t worry, she won’t last.



“how i got a magic circle training contract (honest truth)” [sic]

Where to begin…

I’ll confine myself to one critique: tautology makes you look like a stupid idiot.



But, magic circle!



Ending a tautology inspired critique with ‘stupid idiot’…that has to be some subtlety cast tackle, in which case gobble me right up



What, qualitatively, is the difference between gobbling you up, and gobbling you right up?



Do you actually wish to know the answer to that question? If your answer is yes, please seek help.







Target or semi target uni, AAA/AAB or above a levels, 2i (preferably mid or above) degree, some relevant (1-2 spots) of work experience, some sort of voluntary work or skill, be personable – that’s about it.



These days it’s honestly better to be at a slightly worse uni because all firms are obsessed with trumpeting diversity. Oxbridge or even red brick can genuinely harm people’s chances.

MC firms are now so horrendously mediocre at the junior end it’s a seriously interesting question how they’ll be viewed in 30 years.


Random mid-level

What a stupid thing to say and reflects a teenager trying to sound clever. Competition has never been fiercer for training contracts and many of those at mediocre universities have better grades than those who came 20 years before them. Trainees also tend to be older with years of actual experience. Also remember that many of the top partners were not geniuses, and even those that came from Oxbridge 30-40 years ago were not all that bright as that was a time when connections mattered and school too. A solid AAA and 2.1 from a good uni is sufficient, there will be the odd exception who had a stinker at A Levels but got a first at Nottingham Trent or Aston, and I think that’s fair enough tbh.
Remember that Nigel Boardman, the cream of corporate law, got a 2.1 in history from Bristol. I imagine when he got into Bristol it wasn’t a time of 9A*s and 3As at a level. What mattered was his dedication to being the best corporate solicitor, and providing practical advice. And the roasting he got at S&M. If you want Oxbridge firsts go to the Bar, or qualify into international arbitration. I’ve had conversations with GCs of some big companies (some retired) and their opinion is junior lawyers at (top) firms they deal with are too academic these days. How in their day it was quite different etc.


JD Equity Partner

You’ll go very far. How about joining our top Firm?



Not with a mixed metaphor like that…



How does she compare to Rosie Watterson?



I think the right question is who will regret the publicity more when they actual start their TC.



Heavens no, not Rosie! Please nooooooooooooooooo



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



Good to see LC is deleting comments again. Pathetic.



What do trainees and folk generally at HSF make of Rosie??


JD Partner

Let’s hire her.


JD Trainee

My vlog on how I got my training contract got taken down for breaching Youtube’s decency standards.


Steven Seagull

Bits of it can now be found on other … popular … video sites.


HogLove Partner

Would you send me a link to these…sites?


JD Partner

If you accept our lateral hire offer, you’ll find it pre-loaded on your favourites tab.


HogLove Partner

Excellent, my acceptance letter is in the post!


Everyone is a narcissist nowadays, especially aspiring lawyers. Why not be one that stands out?



Because she’ll MASSIVELY regret this once she actually gets to the firm.

I’m certainly glad my pre-TC thoughts can’t be easily reviewed by my peers – the cringe would kill me.



Or maybe she doesn’t live her life terrified of her peers not approving.



I remember how half my LPC cohort talked about the TC.

All of us who had paralegalled knew it would be a slog with mostly boring and unchallenging work (unless by ‘challenging’ you mean keeping track of 300 CPs on a deal no one has properly instructed you on and where you aren’t copied on half the emails then getting bollocked for missing something).

People who’d never had a real job thought it was going to be a magical world full of interesting legal points and exciting deals. I can imagine those same people would feel quite silly now if they could hear themselves from two years ago.



Quit deleting comments, you fascists.



All things permitting, I’ll be joining Greenberg Glusker as a trainee in a couple of years. The prospect of working on bet-the-company matters there excites me inside.



Top firm. Well done.



Titan, top top shop.



has anyone seen that future trainee at HSF on linkedin? this is girl is almost as bad



Rosie Whatsherface?



I don’t understand how someone who’s only going to hsf has the gall to act like some TC whisperer. At least this girl is going to Links, a proper MC firm.


JD Partner

No – have I missed something?



‘Stand out from the crowd’ and ‘be different’ they say.. I have been involved in business for almost ten years now, I have had multiples businesses and currently have two, one which turned over £200k in its first year of trade.. I use to have my businesses on my CV and what I found is that they only got me into rough waters in interviews.. I get questions like ‘why law if you are doing so well in your businesses?’ which I expect but its really hard to convince the panel with your answers. The honest answer is I started a business before uni so to pay my fees, the business took off and its silly to let it go now, doesn’t require much of my time either, one day a month to be honest. Anyway, I dont put businesses on my CV anymore, I get a lot more interviews for jobs and next stages for training contracts.1



Cool story brah, changed my life.




>”Eve Cornwell Fans Also Viewed”
>Jake Paul
>Lele Pons
>Liza Koshy

Everything makes sense now – it’s just shameless self-promotion, no value to LC readers at all.



1. Be white,
2. don’t be unwhite,
2 ???
4 profit



*likes own comment*

Nice one, pal.


Belgian School boy

I don’t want anything to do with this shite, thanks





Bitter associate

Give it 3 years and she’ll be just another slave in the gulag, trying to delude themselves into thinking it’s all worth it.



The Links gulag is still better than the Dechart one


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