Lawyers lip-sync Mariah Carey Christmas classic

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Not very well

A group of solicitors have channelled their inner diva this festive season, producing an awful interesting lip-synced rendition of Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You.

In a bid to show that even lawyers can embrace the season of goodwill, Scottish outfit Blackadders’ two-and-half minute video features festively attired partners, associates and trainees.

Following a brief attempt at lip-syncing Carey’s 90s Christmas classic, and sat in what appears to be someone’s front room, the fivesome moves on to opening some rather questionable Secret Santa gifts.

In recognition of the season of goodwill to all men, trainee Blair Duncan received a book, 52 things to do while you poo, along with a plunger.

Meanwhile, fellow Blackadders rookie Duncan Milne received some Lord Of The Rings merch. To be fair to Secret Santa, Milne does bare a slight resemblance to Elijah Wood’s character, Frodo Baggins.

Santa brought Jack Boyle, an associate at the seven-office-outfit, a book on How Not To Be A D***.

This, however, isn’t the first time Blackadders has produced some questionable video content. Earlier this year, the firm’s lawyers donned black suits to create their own very unique tribute to Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs. More recently, it re-reproduced the opening credits to US sitcom Friends.

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a fellow coleeeg

The plunger is obviously a not too subtle hint that he really ought to lay off those curries. The traps turn into gas chambers for hours once he’s done with them.

Bald Rick

I think they would have done better with a hearty rendition of “Oh Piggy Wiggy Wiggy Woo”


Do you pay RollonFriday for churning their content every single week?


Sadly you opted not to credit RollonFriday with this story, despite them running it before you.


F*ck ROF, it is a shitshow


Can down Alex, it’s ok.


It’s called Legal Cheek because it has the cheek to rip off ROF without crediting them. That’s the only cheeky thing about LC


I died of cringe.


Solicitors are beta


White people so pasty


Cornish pasties are so tasty.


And this racist comment is allowed to stay because….?


Because if it’s anti-white it’s attacking power and privilege.

That’s why it’s OK.

Get woke, Bro.


Back once again for the Santa Claus master
Chimney damager, power to the people
Back once again for the Santa Claus master
Chimney damager, with the ill behavior


Banda Claus is coming to a chimney near you!


Surprised they didn’t label them as top international lawyers in the headline.


Nice steal from RollOnFriday.


Perhaps Legal Cheek should change its name to RipoffFriday.

Tommy Connelly

You want a piece of me! You beta


Perhaps you shoud get off ROF’s dick


Hi Alex.


Would be an incredibly amusing/heartwarming story which shows great team strength and camaraderie if the individuals in the video were real employees and not paid actors/singers!

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