May the force be with the Baroness! Lady Hale to star as Yoda in space-themed play at Gray’s Inn

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All Hale the new Jedi master

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there was a new Supreme Court president who became the first woman to be so.

Now Baroness Hale is to be the new star on the stage this Christmas as she takes the role of Yoda from Star Wars in Gray’s Inn’s annual theatrical known as Miscellany. Already demonstrating that she ventures where few have ventured before, Hale will be appearing in Gray’s In Space as the play, written by barristers, is called alongside both junior and senior members of Gray’s Inn.

A poster advertising the play

Casting Hale as Yoda, the wise — and wizened — master of all the Jedi masters, seems pretty much on the money. One of Yoda’s maxims, ‘Do. Or not Do. There is no Try’ is a perfect strapline for Hale.

Baroness Hale has already developed a cult following as the Beyoncé of the legal profession. It looks as if she now has a cinematic representation too.

Before you ask, the annual show to be performed tomorrow in front of barristers and the public has, unfortunately, sold out for this year.

Who knows whether this particular Jedi will return.

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LGBT Lesley

Legal Cheek obsess about gender diversity on the Supreme Court, but never about LGBT representation.

We need an LGBT judge urgently, otherwise LGBT people will continue to feel victimised by the legal system.


It looks like the “brothers, sisters..” bore has been regenerated, Dr Who style as this humour vaccum. I guess you’ll stop when you realise that no one cares.


Whether anyone cares about LGBT rights is not relevant to whether you troll this website or not.


No we don’t.


Brothers! Sisters!

This Tory shambles of a government is squatting in power!

After Jeremy Corbyn takes control, we will renationalise post, rail, and other utilities at a democratic price!!

Fat cat lawyers will have compulsory levies for legal aid and for the democratic ownership stake of 10% for all workers!

Change is coming comrades! Forget Brexit – we need socialism!!


Learned Counsel of Manchester

We have plenty of LGBT judges, at all levels of judiciary including HC and COA. Long may it continue!!


And even more who are in the closet …


Trumpington – just fuck off and do some work yeah ? This is getting tedious you utter balloon !


Jesus Christ why?


To make costume and make-ups life easier.


The solution is higher taxes and more diversity.


Who exactly downvoted this? This has been our national goal for two decades. What the hell is wrong with people these days?


This would have been an awesome April Fools headline…

But credit to her


A role she was born for …


What’s wrong with you? Can’t you just appreciate how great it is that Lady Hale, the most senior judge in the country, doesn’t take herself too seriously do this kind of thing?




I thought KK had returned for a moment.


“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there was a new Supreme Court president who became the first woman to be so.”

Hi “Polly”.


Let’s get Brexit done, revoke the franchise for women, and start rebuilding our nation


Lady Hale looks more like Davros


She looks more like a C3P0 to me.


This is a really bad idea. Far be it from me to killjoy the whole thing but a 70 year old senior judge needs to retain a certain gravitas. Playing yoda and singing songs kind of fires wide of that…

Julien Foster

Oh come along. There is at least one ex-Lord Chancellor who was probably well into his seventies who sang one of the Lord Chancellor’s numbers from Gilbert and Sullivan’s Iolanthe; it is not a new thing for judges to tread the boards and engage in self-mockery.

John Harvey

Actions speak louder

I had always regarded civil engineers as too boring to be listened to until I recently attended an event run by their institution showing (inter alia) a video of the ennobled past president street dancing.

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