KCL joins forces with PwC in new pro bono legal advice clinic

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Free weekly sessions help members of the public and small businesses

📸 KCL’s Dickson Poon School of Law and PwC – image credit (left) Vladgrigore

The legal arm of Big Four giant PwC has today launched a new pro bono offering in partnership with King’s College London (KCL).

The tie-up will see around 30 PwC lawyers offer up their free time to work with KCL student volunteers and deliver the new community legal service. The weekly sessions will take place at King’s Legal Clinic at the Dickson Poon School of Law on Thursday evenings during term time.

The initiative, which was co-founded by PwC’s Kirsty O’Connor and Keily Blair, will provide members of the public, sole traders, small business owners and social enterprises with gratuitous advice on one-off legal matters. It is unclear exactly which areas of law the clinic will focus on.

Commenting on the new project, O’Connor, a solicitor in PwC’s regulatory and commercial disputes team, said:

“This is an exciting and extremely important venture. Legal services should be available to everyone, regardless of their background or personal circumstances. Many of the clinic’s clients have low household incomes and could not otherwise access legal support. For a society to be fair, income should not be a barrier to accessing justice.”

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Shaila Pal, assistant director of clinical legal education at KCL, added:

“King’s Legal Clinic is delighted to be partnering with PwC on this new service for the community. Every year the clinic sees the demand for pro bono legal advice increase. Ordinary people and small businesses with limited means are faced with legal problems that they are unable to resolve without specialist assistance… It’s also a valuable way for King’s students to learn about how the law works in practice.”

The new offering is part of PwC’s wider strategy for community inclusion and wellbeing. The PwC pro bono unit, which launched last year, provides its lawyers with the opportunity to use their skills and experience to support community projects and widen access to the legal profession.

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Pro bono commercial advice? That’s novel.



Paying to work.



Wallace Willy

“You shouldn’t be a sole trader, you should be a limited company. Because corporate veil, innit.”

Great, thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge and practical experience students of KCL.



Curious and legit question: why is KCL not even a top 20 UK law school anymore? The university (and the law school in particular) have been plummeting in the rankings over the past five years.

Still need to get my head round how universities such as the University of East Anglia have surpassed this institution in the rankings.



Perhaps you need to look at the measures used in the rankings and then have a think about whether they are the most important factors to you in rating a law school.



That goes without saying, but when a law school drops about 20 places in three years it is still not a very positive indicator of its overall standing…



Have a look at KCL student satisfaction and you’ll have your answer. While you’re at it have a look at the graduate prospects as well though lol


Sick of retards

Only an imbecile would take one particular set of rankings (are you even referring to the law ones?) at face value. Seriously, we stopped doing that in Year 11.

Re: grad prospects, KCL will give you as good grad prospects as you can expect for a non-Oxbridge uni. The actual numbers (e.g. % in employment or FE 6 months from graduation) are influenced by a myriad of factors (e.g. the % of international students, the competitiveness of careers aimed for by KCL grads) that are outside the law faculty’s control.

This (really basic) analysis applies to every university out there, not just KCL.



Will this help me achieve full fresh?



Noting will be able to help you achieve anything. “Full fresh” – LOL


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