Legal Twitterati poke fun at lawyer’s incredible LinkedIn boast

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‘As humble as I am, very early on in my career I realised I was the best’

Every now and again LinkedIn throws up a nugget of gold. In a welcome break from the tedious motivational quotes and the seemingly endless stream of skills endorsements, this latest example is courtesy of Altaf Hussain, who describes himself as “England’s Leading International Lawyer”.

Addressing his fellow professionals, Hussain, who works at Birmingham-based law firm Addison Aaron, boldly declares: “As humble as I am, very early on in my career I realised I was the best”. Building on his strong start, he warns his peers: “Matching me is impossible, beating me is unheard of, I’ll blow the trumpet out of anyone.”

The post, embedded in full below, continues: “Feeling motivated and super confident, I know the judge will be impressed when I deliver my arguments in the Courts on Monday in England.”

Unfortunately, Hussain’s outstanding piece of self-promotion was met with a mixture of amusement and criticism by those on Twitter.

Criminal lawyer Matthew Bogunovich questioned whether or not the post was actually a “spoof”, while another user wrote: “This is LinkedIn all over. General bragging, passive aggressive inspirational posts and recruitment.” Sam Elliott, a barrister at One Pump Court, added: “I’m sure any judges seeing posts like this would be *really impressed*”.

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One aspiring lawyer wanted to know if this approach would work in a training contract application.

The responses continued to flood in:

This isn’t the first time Hussain’s LinkedIn antics have graced the pages of Legal Cheek. In 2016, we reported that Hussain was using the professional networking platform to post images of himself doing the splits in Dubai and playing tennis.

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In the words of Anthony Joshua, “stay humble” .


That would require Hussain to have been humble to begin with.


I’m everso ‘umble!


Is this that same penis-pump user who poses with hired cars? Lol!

Every County Court has a few of these “special” people.


Usually doing RTA small claims!


Oh yes. I remember them from my pupillage. They would try to intimidate by telling you about their experience (“I’m four years call/PQE”) and their advocacy would be extremely aggressive, which found no favour with the DJ.


I predict that within a few days it will be announced that Greenberg Glusker LLP will be acquiring Addison Aaron with people like this in the practice.

Loser (sometimes)

“Beating me is unheard of.”

Does he mean he’s never lost a case?

I’d be very surprised if so.

Does the SRA have anything to say about Solicitors telling lies in LinkedIn profiles?

If he has, in fact, lost cases before, might the SRA be interested?


What journalistic skills and qualities do you list on your LinkedIn profile, Tommy?


– Has mental capacity to create Twitter account
– Familiar with copy and paste function


Oxford Lad was a City Lad doing Trainee work for Clifford Chance was effong people over for money



Bifford Bantz


I really don’t know what to make of this chap. Some times I think he’s just an embarrassment to both himself and the wider profession; at other times I find myself genuinely sympathetic as he may be unwell; for the most part however, I think that some of his claims are so outrageous that they breach professional standards.

The whole premise of his Linked In profile is depressingly absurd. The claim to be England’s No.1 International Lawyer has no basis whatsoever in reality. One can imagine the conversation, at board level, within a crisis-hit multinational business – General Counsel confidently asserting: “We’re really in bother this time. Need to call in the big guns. I recommend the fella who’s always doing the splits on Linked In. Best in the business according to himself.”

And that’s where the professional issues arise really. Both the Legal 500 and Chambers rank UK-based firms and lawyers in categories such as international arbitration; international trade; public international law. Unsurprisingly, neither this chap, nor his firm, appear in either guide. His claims do appear to be deliberately misleading on the face of it.


Some say that Addison Aaron isn’t in the Magic Circle because it’s consider too big a powerhouse and would make the other firms feel inadequate




Genius. Linkedin is massive entertainment.


He is merely one of a number of linkedin characters that think their bragging is inspirational to others.

Lawyers in inflated ego non shocka.

Lord Harley

Who are the others?


this is hilarious.

He has posted a photo of a knock off Hugo Boss ” tachymetre” watch on his wrist.

the actual “tachymeter” is an astonishing £300


It’s embarrassing in two respects: firstly, that it’s a fake; and secondly, that he’s boasting about wearing a Hugo Boss in the first place.

I’ve taken shits that are worth more than £300.


You mis-spelled Tacky-meter…


LinkedIn claim: ‘Beating me is unheard of’

His profile on his firm’s website: ‘He has argued, investigated and won 90% of his cases to date’


Maybe the other 10% were draws.

Lord Harley of Counsel

I had a 95% win rate on the Law Society rankings.


When I see things like this I immediately think, this is the kind of lawyer that would bury evidence in order to succeed.


In fairness to D’Souza, he does actually work on some high profile cases


Agreed, I don’t approve of D’Souza’s self promotion and I find his Linked In profile to be crass. However, there can be no argument that he is involved in the cases he claims to be involved in. It’s different with Hussain. Vague references to ‘supervising’ and ‘advising on’ matters across the globe don’t really allow for scrutiny. Given his appetite for boasting, if he was actually involved in heavyweight litigation/advice with a genuine international element, we’d hear all about it on Linked In.


Agree. D’Souza has published judgments and nobody can dispute he regularly appears in court on big cases. Still not a massive fan of his LinkedIn though.

Ciaran Goggins

As St Paul said in his epistle to the apostles “I must not boast”. St Paul, unlike me, did not defeat the UK at Strasbourg single handed, inflict the worst damage to North Wales Police over Ched Evans, and (I am hanging up my gunbelt soon) bring down The Met over the Daniel Morgan cover up.


Just what have people got against success?

Why can’t I be proud of being the best?

Don’t clients want the best?

Perhaps it’s because you’re not good enough to compete and feel threatened?


Hi Altaf


If clients want the best, they should instruct one of the number of city-based international arbitration solicitors who have been appointed as QCs.


Why take a chance on doing that when they know who THE best is?

Just because a person is QC doesn’t meant that they are the best, just as not being QC doesn’t mean that they aren’t.

Here, in international law, a non-QC is the best!

I don’t understand all the naysaying in this country.

If someone is without a doubt the best in their field, why can’t they say so without being shot down by losers and students with no experience????


Not following your logic, pal.


Hi Altaf.

Yes, if you’re a QC it does sort of mean you’re a leader in your field; likewise if you’re ranked in the Legal 500 and/Chambers.

In your case your ludicrous claim to be the best is based solely on your own belief. That’s not really how it works.

This isn’t about “naysaying”. Rather, it’s about protecting the reputation of a profession which is easily undermined by charlatans.


Wtf are you on about you mong


Now that’s not very nice is it. I doubt the author of the comment has Down Syndrome – my relative who does would no doubt have issues with what you just wrote. As does any normal thinking human.

Random passer-by

Regardless of the cringe in a profile, cutting and pasting the LinkedIn profile of someone else to make fun of them on social media is a bit pathetic.


A bit more comment pruning. Leave it out Tom.


Why so much hate?

Altaf just want to let the world know who to come to for the best representation money can buy.

Perhaps the haters should tell the world how good they are if they think they could do better?

A non-knee mouse

Is he related to Sham Uddin?


What a cunt.


Let’s just dwell on the fact that his firm is called ‘Addison Aaron’.

(i.e However good he thinks he is – He didn’t decide to put his name above the door’).

In fact – Companies House shows no sign of there ever having been anyone called ‘Addison’ nor ‘Aaron’ involved with his firm.

Perfectly permissible under the ridiculous rules now imposed upon this profession by the SRA . . .

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