Pupil barrister has wig tin confiscated by court security – Twitter reacts

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By Thomas Connelly on

‘What level of tinpot jobsworthery brings this about?’

? The Sales Room

Security guards at Croydon Magistrates’ Court confiscated a pupil barrister’s wig tin earlier this week — and lawyers aren’t impressed.

In this latest example of overzealous security, criminal pupil BarelyABarrister revealed his or her shock at advice from security that counsel should keep their pricey horsehair wigs in plastic containers.

For the unfamiliar, it’s common for barristers to keep their wigs in personalised metal tins (pictured above) to prevent them from being damaged during transport to and from the court.

Cue the perplexed lawyers.

Jason Hadden, a barrister St Ives Chambers, warned, “Next they’ll be taking the wigs!”, while family solicitor Ian Giddings, referencing the infamous sip-test, added: “I thought if you sipped your coffee from your wig tin you were OK to go through security?”

Other lawyers were quick to pile in:

Responding to BarelyABarrister’s original post, HM Courts & Tribunal Service (HMCTS) apologised for the security mix-up, stating its “guidelines were misinterpreted”.

This, however, isn’t the first time court security grumblings have spilt over into social media.

Last year, Guy Bowden, a criminal barrister at London’s Red Lion Chambers, claimed a colleague of his was forced to use a plastic driving licence to eat his pasta lunch after court security allegedly confiscated his fork. Meanwhile, QEB Hollis Whiteman barrister Adam King told his Twitter followers a colleague had to conduct a hearing in bare feet after she had her shoes confiscated by guards for being “too spiky”.

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