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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

The Ministry of Justice has been accused of sitting on evidence that undermines its drive to close courts [BuzzFeed News]

A House with No Mirrors [A View From The North]

In probation, we’re poorly paid and the caseloads are unmanageable’ [The Guardian]

The journalist investigated by police for ‘using the wrong pronouns’ [The Spectator] (registration required)

When does AI infringe copyright? [The IPKat]

As a professor of law, I am convinced John Bercow’s Brexit decision is correct [Independent]

Why law firms should be a true meritocracy [Legal Futures]

Baby boomers v millennials [Law Society Gazette]

‘Well I’m definitely sticking around court for this arraignment tomorrow’ [Twitter]

Lecture: How can lawtech improve access to justice? [Legal Cheek Hub]

Event: Secrets to Success Birmingham — with Irwin Mitchell, VWV, Kings Chambers and ULaw [Legal Cheek Hub]