King’s College history student beats Oxbridge wannabe lawyers to ‘Advocate of the Year’ prize

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Bar hopeful Tristan Greene victorious in BPP-backed comp

📸 Tristan Greene and Andrew Chadwick

A history student at King’s College London (KCL) has seen off competition from some of the country’s top wannabe lawyers to be crowned 2019 ‘Advocate of the Year’.

The annual advocacy showdown run by BPP University Law School (BPP) saw 96 undergrads from 25 of the UK’s top universities do battle in a series of regional heats, with 12 eventually making it through to the final held on the 23 March at London’s historic Old Bailey.

The universities represented in the final were: Birmingham University, BPP, Cambridge University, Cardiff University, KCL, University of Manchester, Newcastle University, University of Oxford, University of Reading, Swansea University and the University of Warwick, with only Newcastle having more than one finalist.

For the final, students were split into groups of two for a mock criminal trial in the morning and a mock civil trial in the afternoon. If the competition wasn’t already nerve-racking enough, the sessions took place in the Old Bailey’s imposing courtrooms with professional actors playing the roles of the witnesses.

Tristan Greene, who studies history at KCL, eventually secured first place and a £6,000 scholarship towards his Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) at BPP. Reflecting on his victory, Greene said:

“I am absolutely delighted to win the BPP Advocate of the Year competition, it was a privilege to get to perform advocacy in the Old Bailey, this experience brought the trials to life, and made it all feel very real, as did the wonderful actors and actresses. The hugely generous scholarship will go a long way in helping me fund the BPTC, and I’m looking forward to continuing my advocacy development during my BPTC year. I am extremely grateful to BPP for running such a fantastic competition, which was very well organised, and enormously good fun to compete in.”

With the standard of advocacy particularly high this year, the judging panel was unable to select a single second place and, as a result dished out three runner-up prizes of £3,000 BPTC scholarships. These went to Hattie Stacey (Cambridge), Alastair Bloor (Newcastle) and Timothy Foot (Oxford).

Commenting on this year’s competition, Andrew Chadwick, dean of BPP Law School, said:

“We were blown away by the guile and pedigree of talent during the trials, and its testament to the individuals who competed was that we couldn’t identify a clear runner-up. The only thing, and the right thing to do, was to recognise the quality of the runners-up by awarding three second place prizes. Based on what we’ve seen I’m confident they will enjoy studying with us and probably go on to secure pupillage.”

The 2019 Legal Cheek BPTC Most List



I’d rather win Rear of the Year than Advocate of the Year, tbh.



Its cheating if you get two entries though, one for your face and one for your actual ass.



No deal

Cha cha cha

No deal

It is going to be biblical



Who let you out of your cage again, cretin?






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No deal



I’m glad to discover that this was not the April Fool.

Well done!



A future GDL student doing the 9 month crash course. Avoid at all costs, he will have superficial knowledge of the law



I’ll just leave this here:

1. “To become a lawyer don’t study law, says Supreme Court’s Lord Sumption — do history, classics, economics or languages instead” –

2. The GDL is being replaced anyway, not that it makes any difference. A vast quantity of solicitors and barristers did not read law at undergraduate level.

Talk about a superficial knowledge of the law…

Congrats Tristan, Hattie , Alastair and Timothy!



Ahh didn’t know that students burdening themselves with 3 years of debt at 50000 pounds cost for a law degree would be treated like this, not least by Lord Sumption.

Do you know what young people have to go through?

A degree is more valuable than a diploma.



“Congrats Tristan, Hattie , Alastair and Timothy!”

Lots of diversity there.


Bozo the clown

My thoughts exactly, looks like the new crowd will be… same as the last lot!


Brown Person

Yes. Gosh how the barristers get angry when you remind them that there’s only 1 non-White person in their chambers


Disgruntled City Guy

If firms were left to their own devices, they would only recruit white guys and girls, and would tell the rest of us that they promote on merit. Despite the fact that Indian/Chinese students are some of the best, and some black ethnic groups (Nigerian/Ghanaian) women are among the highest academic achievers in this country. But they will yell ‘merit only’ and recruit only their own people. They will even exclude working class white boys and those with funny accents north of the Watford Gap. And rich white girls will complain to the rest of us how hard their lives are because they St Pauls Girls doesn’t give them the same privilege as St Pauls or Eton.

Essex boi

I’m privileged enough to have been born white, but I still felt I had to phase out my Essex accent to make it into city law and be accepted among my largely oxbridge/privately educated peers.
People often now make the mistake of assuming I’ve actually been on a skiing trip before…

Disgruntled City Guy

I should also add they will pad out their diversity statistics with a token sprinkling of the children of rich Chinese and Arab clients, who followed the boarding school to Bristol/Newcastle gravy train, and then pitch up on the firm brochure to show how things have changed.

HM The King of Birkenhead

Good work. Now let’s see how you handle the cut and thrust of a Birkenhead stage 3.



Hello Mr Seed



April fool!



poly on the strand



who cares

and it shouldn’t be a surprise – Oxbridge teams lose plenty of mooting competitions, and win plenty of others




Why “beat Oxbridge” as a headline? He beat many people from many universities, and it wasn’t a head to head against an Oxbridge team? Why do Legal cheek keep on “othering” oxbridge applicants for pupillage? Stop placing them on a pedestal if you genuinely believe that they aren’t better



Well done Tristan Greene, clearly lots of hard work and skill. Im sure the competition was a super high standard too. An accomplishment.



Dear Legal Cheek, if you’re trying to make a cheap class warfare point against Oxbridge then it’s sort of undermined by the chap in question being a white male called Tristan.



Tristan sounds like he went to a comprehensive school



He did go to a comprehensive school actually.


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