Slater & Gordon solicitor produces incredible Fresh Prince-inspired employment law rap

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🎵 Yo this is a case you must have seen about the statutory test in section 18 🎵

A solicitor at national outfit Slater & Gordon has just dropped what could potentially be the sound of the summer, channelling his inner Fresh Prince to produce an incredible employment law-themed rap.

James Watkins, an employment specialist in Slater & Gordon’s Cardiff office, added his own special musical twist to an otherwise routine “case update training session”, spitting fire bars to the theme tune of the classic American sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

In a video posted to Twitter by fellow Slater & Gordon lawyer Juliette Franklin, Watkins (otherwise known as “The Fresh Prince of Cardiff”) is seen playing a keyboard and donning the firm’s branded headgear, twisted to the side in Fresh Prince-esque fashion.

Watkins raps about a recent case, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust v Jackson, that was heard before the UK Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT). In the case, the NHS sent Mrs Pease, who was on maternity leave, an important letter about redundancies to her work email account, to which she did not have access. The EAT found this to be unfavourable treatment but did not rule whether it amounted to maternity discrimination.

Speaking to Legal Cheek, the Fresh Prince Watkins said:

“I was asked to present a case at our case law update session this week via video conference. I thought I’d take a more creative approach and hopefully raise a smile. I love a bit of old school rap and everyone loves the Fresh Prince of Bel Air so thought I’d work the case into a song. Once I read the judgment and thought of one verse, it was easy to add more and to learn the key principles as I went along.”

He added: “I hadn’t quite anticipated how well received it would be! But if it gets people talking about their rights in the workplace it’s a good thing.”

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Just out of interest, how many Smash&Grab partners (sorry, “principal lawyers”) are currently on garden leave?



You are a sad bitter little twerp.



I’m not bitter in the slightest. I got out years ago and have never been happier!



Lol. Loser



That’s the stupidest comeback I’ve ever heard. No wonder you’re anonymous, I’d be ashamed too with that.






Enjoyed the video. Have say through enough boring training seminars to appreciate when someone is original.




But not quite as toe curling as when that white senior police officer performed his address to the National Black Police Association in the form of a rap. #facepalm



Are S and G actually for real? I know of an ex-employee forced into a settlement agreement by them when she was 6 months pregnant! They were clearly guilty of the very same sort of sexual/pregnancy related discrimination!! Farcical.


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