Struggling to understand how the SQE will affect you? This handy new calculator is here to help

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Online tool determines students’ best route to solicitor qualification

There’s now a nifty new tool to help wannabe solicitors gain a clearer understanding of the changes being brought about by the new Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE).

The SQE calculator, released last week by global legal education provider BARBRI, consists of a drop-down menu of six options. Users first select the current stage they’re at (law and non-law students are prompted to input their course start date) before the clever calculator directs them to the relevant information. There’s even the possibility to ping your results over in an email.

A screenshot of the calculator in action

The SQE assessment, set centrally by legal education giant Kaplan and backed by the Solicitors Regulation authority (SRA), will replace traditional routes to qualification. The Legal Practice Course (LPC) and Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) are toast when it comes into force in September 2021. A current undergraduate law student who started their course in 2017, for example, is advised they can “choose whether to qualify under the LPC route or to take the SQE” should they have started a qualifying law degree before the super-exam is in place.

A handy click-through link advises users whether the new route to qualification may be preferable to the current route. There are further recommendations for non-law students, GDL’ers, apprentices, graduates and foreign qualified lawyers.

Commenting on the new tool, Victoria Cromwell, who heads BARBRI International’s UK programmes, said:

“As an SQE prep provider, we have designed our BARBRI SQE calculator to offer future lawyers a quick and easy way to determine their path to qualification.”

SRA education and training chief Julie Brannan, the brains behind the SQE and spearhead of the biggest shake-up of legal education in a generation, will headline the after-lunch SQE discussion at this year’s Future of Legal Education and Training Conference on Wednesday 22 May. First release tickets are available to purchase.



If that’s a calculator I’m a fucking time machine.



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Weil NQ

Lol! As if this is going to help me smash PE deals.



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Back to your textbooks gimp, exams are in hour weeks. I suggest you start with Treitel on Contract.



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Calling it a ‘calculator’ is a bit strong…


Imitation game

Can we have a ‘sponsored content on LC’ calculator as well?

Someone may think this article and the fact LC teams up with barbri for events are somehow linked: a calculator could dissolve any doubt



A calculator is ill-conceived.

A road map, or process chart would have been better. One would assume that SQE hopefuls or not-hopefuls are not so stupid as to be unable to understand an outcome based map.


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