Suits stars congratulate former cast member Meghan Markle on newborn Royal baby

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Members of the cast took to Twitter on May Day Bank Holiday to share their support

Meghan Markle

Twitter erupted in a wave of baby-fever yesterday as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced the birth of their firstborn son.

Among the well-wishers were cast members of hit US legal drama, Suits, who tweeted their congratulations to Markle, who previously played the sassy paralegal-turned-lawyer Rachel Zane in the series before she wed Harry and became the Duchess of Sussex.

Offering his congratulations was Patrick Adams, who plays the show’s lead character and Markle’s on-screen husband, Mike Ross. The Canadian actor sent “much love” to the newborn tot and his “incredible parents”, before adding a cheeky hashtag, ‘#playdatesoon’, hinting at a potential play date between their children. Adams, who became a first-time father last year, went on to describe that he learnt “first hand” the transformational process of becoming a parent and “couldn’t be happier” for the Royal couple to “begin this adventure”.

Sarah Rafferty, who plays Donna Paulsen, former executive assistant to one of the show’s leads, Harvey Spector, and office mastermind at fictional law firm Zane Specter Litt, tweeted from across the pond: “Hearts are leaping for a beautiful, wondrous and healthy baby boy!”

Also chipping in was Wendell Pierce, who portrays Markle’s on-screen dad, Robert Zane. The American actor, who is currently performing in the London West End show, Death of a Salesman, took to Twitter earlier last month to offer his blessings to Markle ahead of her due date. Sharing the same picture of London’s Tower Bridge as before, Pierce congratulated the Royal pair on their baby boy, and tweeted a “God Bless”.

For cast members who didn’t get around to sharing their congratulations, the show’s official Twitter account tweeted on behalf of the “entire #Suits family”:

The Suits cast weren’t the only legally-minded individuals to offer their congratulations. Former lawyer and White House alumni Michelle Obama took to Twitter to reveal how thrilled her husband, Barack Obama, and herself were at the arrival of the newborn, with the former first lady adding “can’t wait to meet him”.

This isn’t the first time the Suits cast have rallied behind their former co-star. Last year saw the show’s lead characters attend Markle’s Royal Wedding in Windsor.

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Brothers! Sisters!

Jeremy Corbyn will hold a referendum on abolishing the monarchy!

Away with these freeloaders!

We need to put the sovereign back in the sovereign wealth fund, and nationalise the Crown Estate as a People’s Estate!

This young couple have enough!




Fuck. Off.



the only thing you got right is that the royal couple have enough. more than enough, even. they need to be abolished as the parasitic worms that they are. but hey, so do corbynists







What, you mean The Lawyer and Legal Week won’t be just summarising a load of tweets today about someone with a very, very, tenuous connection (played a lawyer in a TV show) to the law having had a baby?


A non-knee mousse

> Farfetched show about legal profession congratulates actress who played a lawyer in said show
> LC makes an entire article on it

”Legal journalism”.



Let’s be honest, they’ll be divorced in 10 years time.



When my friends have a baby I call or message them directly if I cannot visit them.

But it’s all about letting your followers know you cares, right? Gotta get those likes.



Social climber. I thought baby showers and the like were beneath our gracious royal family.



the internet really does get easily upset about anything and everything. didn’t knew all it had to take is a baby being born



its kinda hard not to get riled up by so many idiots cheering and jeering the f*cking royal baby. abolish the damn royalty, theyre useless leeches that have absolutely no justifiable role in a democratic capitalist society.



Apparently Meghan is furious at the announcement that the child is a boy.

She wanted to raise it as gender-neutral until it/xe/ye could make its own decision.



“Harvey Spector, and office mastermind at fictional law firm Zane Specter Litt”

Great attention to spelling.



how is this even news


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