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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

David Allen Green: Circling the square — our sprawling constitution works better than you think [Prospect magazine]

I am a junior criminal barrister taking home £1,000 per month [View From The Gravy Train]

An academic said she was bullied at the Ministry Of Justice after revealing it was running a programme that made sex offenders more likely to reoffend [BuzzFeed News]

Can the Prime Minister prorogue parliament to deliver a no deal Brexit? [UK Constitutional Law Association Blog]

Joshua Rozenberg: Law in Action [BBC Radio 4]

Proposal between the Crown Prosecution Service, Ministry of Justice, Attorney General, Criminal Bar Association and the Bar Council [CBA]

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

Robert Buckland QC speech: Modernising Criminal Justice Conference 2019 []

Adam Wagner: After Brexit they will come for human rights—and this time the public debate must be won [Prospect magazine]

Italian court confirms that unauthorized use of Audrey Hepburn’s likeness infringes (post mortem) image rights [The IPKat]

Three ways to protect your law firm’s data and reputation [Legal Futures]

Williams v Roffey Bros: The uncertainty in contract law [Legal Cheek Journal]

“Have law schools been ‘complacent’? Far from it, law schools, within the context of their universities, have been very busy indeed. Unfortunately, much of their efforts have been by way of increasing student satisfaction…” [Legal Cheek comments]

Sponsor LawCare on the London Legal Walk [Virgin Money]

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