London chambers pulls ad offering to pay paralegal less than minimum wage

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Exclusive: Temple Court Chambers’ £12,000 salary was an ‘error’

A London barristers’ chambers has pulled an online advert for a paralegal vacancy after we pointed out it came with a salary below the national minimum wage (NMW). Temple Court Chambers said the figure of £12,000 was an “error”.

The advert, posted on behalf of Temple Court Chambers, a multi-disciplinary set covering areas including civil, immigration and employment, was seeking a law graduate to work as a full-time, civil litigation paralegal.

The ideal candidate would have secured at least a 2:1 in their LLB and completed either the Legal Practice Course (LPC) or the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC). Previous experience within a law firm would be an “advantage”, according to the now deleted ad (screenshot below).

The listing, posted almost three weeks ago, also explained that the successful candidate would have to make ends meet in London on just £12,000 a year — a sum which, once broken down, works out less than the NMW. This currently sits at £7.70 an hour for people aged between 21-24 years old.

Describing the £12,000 figure as an “error”, a spokesperson for Temple Court Chambers told Legal Cheek:

“It should certainly not be below the national minimum wage and the annual salary figure should have reflected the intention to pay £12.50 per hour. We have instructed staff to remove the advert immediately and to put the advert back up with the correct annual figure which reflects £12.50 per hour.”

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Kirkland NQ

Wow, just £12k! I spent more than that on an air freshener for the Lambo!



You mean the Lambo you drive once a month in between violent rogerings?


Kirkland NQ

Hah! Nope, not that Lambo (the Aventador) – I was actually referring to my other one, which is a 2019 Huracan.



On your Xbox?


Kirkland NQ

Don’t really have time for that buddy. My days are usually spent (as is well known) crushing multi-billion (occasionally trillion) dollar PE deals. When I have free time it’s spent with my model girlfriend(s).


A victory for the social justice warriors – fewer places for work experience. Hurrah!



Errr they are putting the ad back up with NMW.

Same work experience, mo money



What he means is if the job pays properly more people will apply. I.e selection might be on the basis of merit. So he’s right in the sense that there will be less work experience opportunities, if he has to compete with everyone regardless of wealth



Just waiting for the new advertisement to appear that advertises the role with the actual salary of £26,000.

26000 = 40 x 12.50 x 52


Kirkland NQ

Ha yeah, that would also be pretty funny. Come on, at least make it six figures!



Nice Maths, buddy.

Unless Temple Court Chambers decide to detract from the norms of Employers, they will have an hour unpaid lunch break, which puts the hours worked at 35, and therefore £22,750 per annum.

22750 = √517562500



Yeah, the error being, that they were found out.



How much do us paralegals make again?



us or US


Kirkland NQ

Hmm, I’d have to check but last time I heard it was around $300,000 paid at a fixed FX rate of 1.1. It’s not quite Lambo territory but enough for one or two good nights out.



There was a time when barristers did their own homework



Makes sense to adopt this approach if the barrister involved has the work stream to support it.



I thought the criminal lot just drank in the pub until the next day’s brief was delivered at 5.30pm.


Rumpole at the Baileys

Yesh, ish a hard life, but someone’s got to *hic* do it.


Chambers Management Team




Paralegal at most firms/chambers don’t get much more. I used to work at Shoosmiths and only got £16k – so this isn’t a surprise.

People have to take on second jobs – it’s a joke the wage of a paralegal.



Solicitors/chambers are notoriously bad players and expect blood in return!


Associate @ A Firm

Totally agree with the Shoosmiths point – they are notorious for poor pay.


A non-knee mousse

The advert, posted on behalf of Temple Court Chambers, a multi-disciplinary set covering areas including civil, immigration and E M P L O Y M E N T.



Hausfeld pay (at least at the time) their interns a salary of £12,000… and expect you to work long hours.



I think it was last year that Legal Cheek ran a story about XXIV Old Buildings running an advertisement for clerks at less than the London Living Wage. Keep up the good work Legal Cheek. It’s good to see you highlighting these kinds of undesirable business practices.


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