DWF drafts in law student innovators to help solve client’s real-life problems

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‘Design sprint’ placement sees trio of Manchester Uni undergrads spend time at outfit’s R&D division

DWF’s Manchester office

Global law firm DWF has been flaunting its innovation credentials with a “design sprint” student placement at its research and development division.

Three University of Manchester students won the placement, which saw them work on a legal operations problem for a “global sports client”, after making a 90-second film on the importance of creativity in legal services.

The trio were thrown in at the deep end with two weeks tackling the client’s problem according to “design thinking” principles, a fashionable approach to problem-solving in business. Working with DWF Ventures, one of the arms of DWF that provides client services beyond traditional legal advice, the students submitted their “prototype” solution to the problem at the end of the fortnight.

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Jonathan Patterson, managing director of DWF Ventures, said:

“Nowadays, legal services providers need engineers and data scientists as much as they do lawyers and so this challenge is about introducing design-thinking concepts to law students who are interested in developing their skills in legal innovation and technology.”

The placement fell out of Manchester Uni’s lawtech tie-up with Freshfields and DWF, which sees lawyers from the two firms team up with business and computer science academics to teach students.

DWF has long has a reputation for innovation. In March 2019, it became the largest UK law firm to date to float on the stock market.

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CGSH Pedigree White Shoe Associate

Not taking the piss but wtf is a DWF



There has been some conjecture on this very thing. A lot of arguments; a lot of heated debates.

The prevailing opinion is that some trainee thought it would be funny to change the email fwd icon in their emails, and it kind of became the Firm’s name.


FDW Associate

WTF is a FWD?



you get an email. You either:

– ignore
– reply
– reply all
– forward, which alters the tagline line to fwd.

What are you, some kind of idiot who is awaiting imminent failure of their first year law results? You know what, you should probably apply to DWF for a job.



Tokenism lol


Skadden NQ

DWF? Never heard of it…


DWF Apprentice Trainee

What’s Skadden?


Ex DWF. Who do they think they are?

Skadden? It’s a special edition Saab.

As opposed to DWF – a new boy racer Hyundai Chimp with go faster stripes and mega alloys. On contract hire (through the firm).



That is not the DWF building, it is Deloitte!



You can see DWF’s logo in the reception!



Haven’t you heard of a joke, moron?



Yes, just not one this bad (until now) !!



Wow, you must be monumentally stupid for this joke to go over your head…


I’ve read this article three times now, and I’ve still no idea what it is supposed to convey, what the students were asked to do, what they actually did, or why.



I was thinking that. What is this article actually about?

It’s so vague it gives the impression that whoever wrote it didn’t understand either, so skirted around any detail; or that DWF Ventures thinks it’s the CIA and everyone there behaves like Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole.



Clients problems? DWF?

Doesn’t that basically consist of, “should I pursue my bog standard PI claim or not?”


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