Linklaters increases London GDL maintenance grant to £10,000

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Matching moves by three out of five magic circle members

Linklaters is offering its future London trainees £10,000 in financial support during the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL).

The new sum equates to an uplift of 25%, up £2,000 on the global outfit’s previous maintenance grant of £8,000. The increase will apply to all students from September 2019 onwards.

Today’s money move means Links is now the fourth member of the magic circle to bump its GDL offering to £10,000. Clifford Chance, Freshfields and Slaughter and May all award their trainees-to-be the coveted five-figure sum. The remaining member of the elite fivesome, Allen & Overy, offers its GDL’ers £9,000.

Linklaters (like with the rest of the magic circle) awards its rookies £10,000 in support during the Legal Practice Course (LPC).

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Links’ lot studying outside of London will also see GDL grants swell by 29%. The firm confirmed they will receive £9,000, up £2,000 from £7,000.

The firm’s newest recruits complete the GDL — the year-long conversion course non-law grads must undertake to train as a lawyer — at The University of Law’s Moorgate campus. The firm, which offers around 100 training contracts each year, more than any other City outfit, also fully funds GDL course fees.

Today’s uplift follows news this month that Linklaters had upped its total newly qualified (NQ) solicitor pay package to £100,000 comprising a base salary and discretionary performance bonus.

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GDL should not be a gateway into the legal profession. If you want to be a solicitor then study law. Not second rate degrees such as Geography, History of Art, Classics and Music.


Lord Sumption

Shut up lad



Agreed! Smashing the drums and smoking weed for 3 years has no transferable skills into being a trainee. Scrap the GDL and require 2 year law degree for graduates.


US associate

TBH that sounds like a large part of my law degree…



Definitely. There’s no way in hell you’d be qualified to practice law after a year of foundations of tort and contract… I’ve tired of seeing talentless bums get TCs just because they studied classics in Oxford over a skilled LLB grad.



I’d have a bit more time for this view if being a solicitor was anything more grandiose than glorified administration.



You seem to not have been equated with the intricate and mysterious rules on taxation. To equate administration with this “art” would be an insult, and thee shall be smote.



Quite. As a solicitor, you churn out boilerplate documents on corporate deals or delegate everything to counsel.



Having an LLB has no bearing on your ability as a lawyer.

ITT: salty LLB students without TCs



I’d like to see you try an Oxford classics degree



With an acceptance rate of almost 50%, I’ll take my chances. Heh! Got a 1st in my LLB and Oxford is way overblown and full of spoiled little Hugoes woth anxiety issues.


LLB grad

I mean lets be honest here. Of course the people opposing the GDL are predominantly salty LLB students – id know, im one of them. None of us LLB students will ever know first-hand what the GDL is like – whether it teaches the right stuff, or if its really hard, or if it even matters once one starts their TC.

But what I do know is that I busted my ass off to get into an LLB at an RG uni, and then busted it some more to score a first, law being the #1 degree for the smallest number of firsts in the UK. And I know most salty LLB students are salty because they see someone who did history, or arts, or some other subject (that I, in all honesty, would have much preferred to study, but I chose law for commercial / career reasons) where getting good grades is MUCH easier, not to mention the lower criteria for getting into a top uni.

How many of us know of cases where some aspiring law student didnt get into the likes of Kings, or QMUL, or Durham, but then enrolled another humanities subject there (which had lower entry requirements), smashed the grades with like 50% of the work they wouldve needed for those same grades at that same uni on an LLB, and then did the GDL, and got a TC?

How is that fair? No, forget fair, how is it smart, from an employer’s perspective, to employ someone who clearly only studied Medieval Literature at an RG uni cos they werent good enough for law, and, say, got a first, over an LLB student who busted their ass off for that 2.1? Who do you think more blood, sweat, and tears into their degree?

Law is the only industry where studying something entirely unrelated at undegrad level is considered acceptable for a career in the industry. Even worse, treating grades from much less demanding degrees virtually on par with LLB grades. How could LLB grads not be salty about that? Might as well start giving out aerospace engineer positions to gender studies grads who promise to watch a few weeks worth of lectures on Skillshare.



“Law is the only industry where studying something entirely unrelated at undegrad level is considered acceptable for a career in the industry”

Well that is just horse shit.


History Grad and Current Trainee

“Law is the only industry where studying something entirely unrelated at undegrad level is considered acceptable for a career in the industry”

Shows you how irrelevant your law degree is when you actually get into practice. wont use much of that knowledge in a lot of departments bud



A law degree does not prepare students for a career in commercial law in the way that it should. It is annoying to see non-law students getting TCs over law students, though. 60% in some elective History module is not comparable to a 60% in Tort. Graduate Recruiters can’t see that unfortunately. It would be interesting to see what the correlation between subject studied and retention is. Law students are used to hard work, most non-law students (in City law) do not.



are not**


Rupert; a US Firm

Lining for the chicken coop!





Latham NQ

Why is every student I meet from the LSE incredibly arrogant, stuck up, and (ironically) incompetant?


LSE student

(Ironically), it’s spelt imcompetEnt


Latham NQ

I sense the excitement you must have felt at catching me out on my spelling mistake. However, i’m afraid “iMcompetent* isn’t correct either, now get back to those TC applications.


LSE student

You too. There’s 0% chance you’re at Latham or any other firm. Prick.



Looll, Latham is drafting the termination letter for you as we speak – can’t have bums like you there xD






Because someone who went to London university is by definition intellectually second rate.


the eternal law student

GDL students shouldn’t be given mooonay in the first place

Stealing er jawbs etc



They are, undeservedly. As a former LLB student from RG, getting a TC was an uphill battle because of useless social sciences students who went the GDL route.



If studying social sciences make them useless, you should take a long hard look at yourself for having such an uphill battle chief



An uphill battle because firms prefer them to you?

Be better.



How would you want someone to be better? Explain yourself



Not the original poster, but I’d imagine they are suggesting something along the lines of not blaming other candidates for your failures and identifying how to improve yourself


Oh the bitterness



The GDL is getting scrapped…



And the LLB will no longer be a qualifying course because of the mixed quality of the graduates it produces.

The great GDL/LLB war will soon be over…



The only people who resent the GDL are chippy little LLB grads from mediocre universities who are bitter that employers respect serious degrees over utter parodies of academic rigour.


Preppy university down the road

And why not? As it stands, even the shyte universities ask for relatively respectable grades; respectable in the sense that the same ones would get you into a RG university on one these second rate courses mentioned above.

Its not a serious degree because it is from a RG university. It will follow the same rubric as all the other ones.

The places you can class as serious degrees in any subject are Oxbridge, and that is it. The rest are the same, and that’s that.



Thanks for clearing that one out, Gomer.



An LLB from almost all universities outside of the top eight or so is mostly worthless. The core modules are slightly expanded versions of what’s taught in the GDL, just spread over three years rather than one; the other ones are mostly faddish sociology.



Why do students at non RGs get such high module grades? I’ve met Leicester and Nottingham Trent students with firsts in most of their modules. Most MC/US firms seem to ignore these candidates, but some manage to get TCs at MC firms despite their poor academic performance before uni.



Most (if not all MC firms) do not have any minimum A-Level requirements and just because they went to those unis doesn’t necessarily mean they have poor A-Levels (though that’s likely to be the case).

Top 9 uni grad

And which unis do you consider to be the “top eight”?



Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, UCL, KCL, LSE, Warwick, Bristol. Potentially Exeter and Notts too.


The only conceivable reason you included Notts is because it’s your alma mater. Notts hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


Id add Reading


To the dork roasting Notts just go to City firms and ask what uni trainees went to. You will find plenty of Notts graduates. US and MC firms have partners who studied at Nottingham. A lot of Warwick trainees didn’t even do law. Nevermind the fact that Notts students have to do the LNAT. Bristol and Notts are on the same level. KCL has a reputation purely based on its London location. Durham houses Oxbridge rejects who rely on their accent to get them somewhere.




What about QMUL? Pretty sure theyre above Bristol / Warwick


Absolutely. We don’t want the legal profession stuffed with gauche state school plebs from Warwick.



that should be enough for them to buy their own copy of the gdl guru notes as the tutor laughs that they can’t work out the difference between stilk v myrick and foakes v beer… But don’t worry the lpc provider used to drop the pass mark for links to get them onto the lpc and you guessed it they’d have their lpc guru notes too ’cause working out what an SPT was seemed to stump them! I kid you not. Used to make me pee me pants laughing….


Ultimate warrior

When you spend tears leaning the subject matter in a law degree only to then get turned down for someone who doesn’t even know the basics or has any knowledge at the TC interview stage is annoying.

So how can the person with a LLB be better when they they knew more than the basics?



Once you’ve qualified nobody gives a shit anymore what you studied or where. The only people who obsess over it are people who can’t get training contracts.



Wrong. You will still be judged intellectually.


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