Slaughter and May keeps 37 out of 40 newly qualifying trainee solicitors

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Strong 93% retention result comes as magic circle firm ups GDL maintenance grant to £10,000

Slaughter and May’s London office

Magic circle player Slaughter and May has confirmed an autumn 2019 retention score of 93%.

From a qualifying cohort of 40, the Bunhill Row-based firm confirmed that 37 soon-to-be associates were staying put. Slaughter and May, which dishes out around 85 training contracts each year, received 39 applications and made 38 offers.

Slaughters said it was “extremely pleased” with today’s result which remains “broadly in line with previous years”. In the last three rounds, it posted results of 97% (34 out of 35), 95% (35 out of 37) and 86% (32 out of 37).

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The firm also confirmed it had upped its Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) maintenance grant to £10,000 — a rise of 25% for those studying inside London (previously £8,000) and 43% for those outside (previously £7,000). The boosts will take effect for all future trainees beginning the GDL in September 2019 onwards.

The strong retention result comes less than a month after Slaughters upped newly qualified (NQ) solicitor pay packages to £100,000, following similar moves made by its magic circle counterparts.

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Elite US

Such a stuffy, hierarchical firm.


Also known as the Toffhouse, avoid


But, only place you can get equity at 6 PQE like Lyle-Smythe.

Absolute nightmare to have on the other side though. If the point’s there, they will take it, then be snotty about how much cleverer they are because they took it.

I once witnessed them acting for a Silicon Valley company. Clash of cultures doesn’t begin to cover it.


How so? Pls explane brah.


Lyle-Smythe qualified in 2006 and made partner in 2014… do you have a problem with maths?


Cool firm bro. Too bad they’ll reject me for not being named Hugo VI.

One of the three trainees leaving

Slaughters are the pits. Crazy working hours and psychotic stuffy partners who refuse to hold the door for you, let alone acknowledge your existence in the office. Work is dished out in recognition of just how bloated a toff you are, or whether your papa knew the former managing partner.

The firm survives on the strength of its brand and ties to the British business establishment alone. Take either of the two away and it’ll fall on its crusty old arse. Something tells me Brexit might shake things up at One Bunhill Row


HSF should replace S


awwww did your rejection come through


Piss off and go smell the coffee

J. Corbyn

The bigger issue is that Slaughter and May will be fully nationalised in accordance with Politburo Labour and Economy Decree No. 23. In accordance with the aforesaid Decree, its name will then be changed to “Lenin Law Commune No. 12”.
By Order,
J. Corbyn
General Secretary, Presidum of the Soviet Kingdom of England
Chair, Friends of Hamas


HSF should replace Slaughters on the Magic Circle. It’s just a glorified boutique like Macfarlanes/Travers/Mishcon.


The fact you think HSF is anywhere near the same level as Slaughters just shows how little you know about the legal profession… back to your books hun, second year LLB is coming around fast!

Slaughters NQ

Off to join BAKER BOTTS




Doing what? Disputes? Corporate?


Doing megadollar, high-stakes, politically risky corporate energy work with a smattering of multi-billion dollar PE.


BB do not really do PE – go back to sleep.


S&M partners start on £500k. Not bad cash for a 30 year old. Ride that sweet money train and retire at 45.


Who told you this and what powders/hemp was he ingesting?


It’s a lot more than £500k. Top of equity at SandM is double bottom of equity. So unless top is £1m and PEP £750k, you’re starting way north of £500k and probably north of £1 million.


No one makes partner at Slaughters aged 30, stop being ridiculous.

At best, 1 person (out of an intake of 50+) may make it at 7PQE aged 32/33.


Of that intake, most will have quit long before then. If you’re sociopathic, humourless and willing to sacrifice your sanity and family life, you stand a pretty good chance of making the letterhead.


It’s much more interesting to see how many trainees applied, which by the looks of things was less than 50%?


Trolling? 39 out of 40 applied….

Aspiring NQ

Serious question – what do Baker Botts pay NQ and beyond?

Dollar train

£200,000 plus huge bonus

Slaughters Associate

Are we paid as well as our American/MC rivals? No. But when I arrive at a dinner party and introduce myself with my name, followed by Slaughter & May, people, especially young ladies, seriously take notice.


Back to the books fresher.


Also why would you introduce yourself as “[Name], Slaughter and May”


It’s a joke


They’d hear the ampersand in your voice and know you were a fraud.


They take notice but not in the way you think. They take notice, roll their eyes and then avoid you for the rest of the evening.


Only if you’re a barrister does anyone take notice. They know that, as a solicitor, you don’t give legal advice, and put together cookie cutter deals or farm it out to counsel.

Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales

Tell me! tell me! how to be a millionaire!
Tell me! tell me! how to be a millionaire!
Millionaire! billionaire! trillionaire!

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