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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

SQE tests show openness, reliability and fairness concerns [Lawyer Watch]

Priti Patel is the perfect person to shake up our parlous criminal justice system [The Telegraph]

Wise counsel: Lady Black [Counsel]

The ’50 shades’ defence: are the courts allowing women to consent to their own deaths? [The Justice Gap]

Privilege Part 3 [Counsel of Perfection]

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

The 5 best law books for students [Debut]

Where do Rees-Mogg’s grammar rules comes from? [Evidence Based EFL blog]

Bringing mental illness into the open [Law Society Gazette]

Empowering the next generation [Legal Futures]

Secrets to Success Hong Kong — with Clifford Chance, Herbert Smith Freehills, Linklaters, Mayer Brown and ULaw [iamgoing]

“I reckon Legal Love Island could be a winner. It would start with just solicitors. The tasks could be things like making up bundles against the clock, or finding typos in contracts. Or more significant challenges like the ‘Fetching the Partner’s Dry Cleaning’ game…” [Legal Cheek comments]

Jobs, jobs, jobs [Legal Cheek Noticeboard]

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Ben Fellowes

Oh dear, you omit he biggest legal news of the week, plod losing £414K in Rees & Ors v The Met, covered on Goggzilla.


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